Milwaukee 49-16-2714 Easy Load Trimmer Head

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• Easy Load Trimmer Head
• 25' .080 Trimmer Line

• Easiest Loading, Under 30 Seconds
• Align, Load, Wind
• Extreme wear resistance

The Milwaukee Easy Load Trimmer Head is designed to meet landscape maintenance professional needs. The head delivers a simple line loading experience and can be loaded with 25' of .080 or 20' of .095 trimmer line in under 30 seconds. The head is compatible with the Milwaukee® M18 FUEL™ String Trimmer (2725-20) and can clear up to 16" in a single pass. The head utilizes a bump feed mechanism and has extreme wear resistance delivering longer life.

Customer Reviews

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Rob Eastek
Fast and Correct

Item that was ordered got to me quickly and everything went smoothly.

Works great

My last weed eater was an echo 225 gas and it was the most aggravating experience everytime I used it. Always started great but the head was the most useless part ever. Had to pull the head off every couple minutes to pull the lines out. Over an over. My milwaukee works great. The line wind up on the spool is easy and great. I use .095 line it is perfect. I have torn through a loads of very thick weeds. Not sure how everybody is wearing through the heads. The head isn't supposed to be in contact with the ground. It's the line that cuts not the plastic. Doesn't aways auto feed perfect but I have yet to see one that always feeds perfect. I am extremely happy with this tool as I am with the other 26 milwaukee tools that own. I've had this a year and a half and it works the same as the first time I used it. Works great

The Head does not release any line.

From the very first day I bought the M18 CLT,I have been unable to get any line out of the head,even though it is bump feed head.The only way I can get extra line is to remove head and self release line.

Used three times

Used it three times and now that string starts to run out fas without trimming any grass.

MIke b
Worn to fast!!

This trimmer head worn to fast!!! No other problems with it. It worked fine but after 12-15 uses the bottom wore through. I replaced my gas trimmer head 3 time after owning it 15 years!! This one has not made it through the first summer!. The trimmer itself is awsome. The material that the head is made of just isn't a good quality.

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