Milwaukee 2488-21 M12 Soldering Iron Kit

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• M12™ Soldering Iron
• Chisel Tip
• Pointed Tip
• M12™ REDLITHIUM Compact Battery Pack
• M12 Charger
• Carrying Case

• Green LED Indicates Operating Temperature Reached
• Red LED Indicates Tool is Off and Still Hot
• 3-Stop Pivoting Head: Delivers Unmatched Access
• Tool-Free Tip Change: Easily Switch Between Chisel and Pointed Tips
• LED Work Light
• Up to 40 Minutes of Run-Time on M12 Compact Battery Pack
• Part of the M12 System, Featuring 80+ Tools
• Part of the M12 System, Featuring 80+ Tools

• Length: 10.85"
• Height: 1.385"
• Width: 1.136"

The M12 Soldering Iron delivers fast application speeds by reaching operational temperature in under 18 seconds and maintaining an optimized temperature throughout the most demanding applications. The heat indicator utilizes REDLINK INTELLEGENCE to notify users when the tool is ready-to-use and safe-to-store, eliminating the guesswork. The 3-stop pivoting head provides unmatched access by allowing users the ability to adapt the tool for the application and solder in more confined spaces. The M12 Soldering Iron powered by REDLITHIUM battery technology delivers up to 40 minutes of run-time on a M12 Compact Battery Pack.

Customer Reviews

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Same issue as many others

I've had my soldering iron for about a year now and it works flawlessly for small jobs. The last few times I've used it, however, the jobs took a bit longer than in the past and the knurled piece that holds the end started to melt. Once this happened, the tool was useless until it cooled back down and the plastic reset. This piece "should" have been made out of ceramic so the heat wouldn't be wicked off like metal would and it wouldn't melt like it does with it stands right now, I can only use it only really small jobs that take less than 5 mins or so at full heat.

Tim B.
Best Iron I’ve ever owned, with one exception.

My issue is about the same as everyone else’s, my cuff broke and so did the heating element inside. I called my local service center here in town and they too informed me there are no serviceable parts for this. I’ve had this iron less than six months, after seeing these issues in the reviews why has nothing been done to correct this? Why can’t I find spare parts to fix it myself? Seriously not cool, guys. 4/5 for utility and performance, docked a star for poor support and construction.

Love it but falling apart!!

I'm having the same problem a week after I purchased the soldering iron the tip started melting luckily it hasn't melted enough to fall off but every time I need to tighten the tip down I can't because it just spins I ended up super gluing it to keep it and tell they came out with a repair or something

Must have for LED tape light installation

I work in estate homes. This is the best soldering iron I have used. I work in tight spaces and on tall ceilings. Love not having an extention cord 15' in the air. Because I use Flux to clean, and make my connections. I have yet to replace the top. I purchased mine 2 years ago.

I would recommend only buy it with the case. This way it protects the iron. Plus I only use a 3.0 m12 battery or larger. This way I can have it standing to mark so of the more chall connections.

Zach R
Amazing tool but buy a bigger battery

As a mechanic I do quite a bit of soldering, fixing wiring harnesses, replacing broken plugs, adding after market parts such as light bars and stereo's. Having a soldering iron that heats up this fast without a cord getting in the way is priceless. The only complaint I have is the included battery is a little small for me, but I'm not even going to take away from it's rating for it. 40 minutes is a good amount of time, I just use it a lot. But being able to use high capacity batteries for those longer jobs rocks!

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