Milwaukee 48-22-4202 PEX and Plastic Tubing Cutter

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• (1) Tubing Cutter

• Double-Ground V-Shaped Blade (Patent Pending) - Cleaner Cuts on 1" rubber and plastic tubing/PEX-a tubing
• All Metal Core (Patent Pending) - Durable Frame
• Rework Groove - Correct mistakes quickly and effectively
• Locking Mechanism - One handed locking and remains locked while in pouch (Patent Pending)
• Rust Protection - Increases tool life by reducing corrosion

The Milwaukee® Tubing Cutter cuts up to 1" rubber and plastic tubing and PEX-a tubing.  It features a replaceable V-shaped, double ground steel blade for clean perpendicular cuts and maximum tool life. The one handed locking mechanism
is designed for an easy to use lock for improved tool safety.  Backed by Milwaukee's Limited Lifetime Warranty the Tubing Cutter was built with an all metal core that provides longer tool life to the professional user.

Customer Reviews

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Good product but........

Very comfortable to use. Cuts irrigation pipe and PEX extremely well. Unfortunately the packaging claims an indestructible frame and mine broke cutting a 3/4” piece of PVC.

Best pex cutter I’ve used

I’ve had these cutter for about three months now so glad I purchased them. They save time and effort compared to ratchet snappers.

Okay, but who did the r&d on the sharp point?

This is a great well built tubing cutter. Although it's priced a tad high for what it is. I realize that this tool was designed with expansion pex in mind but there is no clear explanation on how to use the expansion ring remover tool.
When the cutter is in its closed and locked position there is about 1/8th inch of blade that hangs out and tends to cut the heck out of unexpecting helpers. This feature is the reason why I bought this tool. Not that I like the amount of band aids and workers comp claims I had to pay for. But rather the supposed ease of removing and reusing expensive uponor fittings. The problem is that I have no idea how this "feature" is supposed to be used. It appears that one is supposed to drag this blade across the expansion ring. But why buy a tool for this when a razor knife works better and is much cheaper.
So come on Milwaukee. Show me and the rest of us just how handy this tool is. Because as of right now my $12 home depot pipe cutter works way better for removing rings than this Milwaukee tool.


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