Milwaukee 0370-20 3/8" 120V Close Quarter Angle Drill

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Milwaukee 0370-20 Specifications:
•  Voltage: 120V
•  Chuck Size: 3/8"
•  Amps: 3.5
•  No Load Speed: 0-1,300 RPM
•  Chuck Type: Keyed
•  Spindle: 1/2" - 20
•  Gear Train: Double
•  Cord Type: 8' Rubber
•  Construction Type: Double Insulated
•  Applications: Angled Drilling

Milwaukee 0370-20 Includes:
•  3/8" Angle Drill
•  3/8" Chuck Key
•  Rubber Flex Key Holder

Milwaukee 0370-20 Features:
•  Metal frame with strong support for bearings and gear train for longer gear life
•  Large trigger paddle for smooth control and easy grip in multiple positions
•  Angled chuck for increased ability to reach into tight angles
•  Textured palm grip making it comfortable to grasp and reduces slipping
•  Angled cord exit keeps the cord out of the work area
•  Chuck shield prevents marring of surfaces

Customer Reviews

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New was not Better

When Milwaukee decided to change the design of this Drill they got the design wrong, when they moved the Electrical Cord to the Top. It now reduces the ability to get into those tight narrow areas that made the original so useful.
Somebody that had a very specific use in mind for this tool must have designed it to be the way it now is, but it made it much less versatile overall.
I wouldn’t buy it again.

steve postich
cloae quarters indeed

like another reviewer my original Milwaukee close quarters drill was lifted by some soulless individual. somehow i survived w/o it for many years until it was time to update my kitchen cabinets. i remembered how easy it was to install hinges in unforgiving corners and impossible angles. and at this price, not a problem. i ordered from red tool store and in a few days it arrived and i am back in the mood for a honey doo or two. this little puppy has plenty of torque for anything under industrial work and it will it fit all but the smallest hands. some may dog it as it has a cord and that's fair but it is a terrific tool at an outstanding price.

My view takes on a different angle

I had this drill for many years. SOMEONE has absconded with it. But while I had it, it did a respectable job for what it is, a DRILL motor. The most work I did with it was to drive deck screws (about 1500) into the deck planks from underneath. The angle and clearance was sufficient to do a good job. Now if I can just FIND that SOB that pinched it...

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