Milwaukee 0850-20 M12 Compact Vacuum

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• M12 Compact Vacuum (0850-20)
• Crevice Tool
• Extension Wand
• Filter Assembly
• Utility Nozzle

• High performance motor delivers 34CFM for use on wide range of materials
• Best in class run time, up to 29 minutes* on a single charge using REDLITHIUM™ XC4.0 batteries
• Versatile attachments allow for small to large area clean-up.
• Clear viewing window makes it easy to see canister fill level.
• Reusable 42 pleat filter
• Lock-on switch reduces user fatigue during extended use

• Voltage: 12V
• Warranty: 5 Years

The M12™ Compact Vacuum provides more power to clean anywhere. A high performance motor delivers maximum suction for a wide range of construction materials, such as wood chips and metal shavings. With up to 29 minutes of run-time on a single charge*, the M12™ Compact Vacuum can be used for spot clean-up or large area vacuuming. Additionally, the 0850-20 comes with a utility noz(more...)

Customer Reviews

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Deborah Harris
Not very useful for really dirty auto carpet and/or picking up sand and gravel.

This vacuum does NOT like to pick up sand or gravel, which I get lots of in my truck. I think just doesn't have enough suction. Also, getting the battery off the unit is a bear and the battery must be removed in order to clean the vacuum.

Little Vacuum is convenient

Hi like this vacuum but I broke the filter when removing it and I can’t find a replacement to order or purchase. So that has been disappointing

perfect for my purposes

True, this won’t pick up a bowling ball but that isn’t my purpose.
My wife and i are in our 70s and find the very handy for picking up small items. it is much easier that uncoiling the vacuum cleaner. one thing it did very well, btw, was clean out ants that had taken up residence under various items in our bedroom. It was easy to push it under pages and things. This was much easier than moving everything. It is also good and giving the car interior a once over. On the other hand it doesn’t clean up the ground in dirt in the car. I wet/dry shop vac handles that chore but who wants to get that out all of the time.

Lasts 29 mins, but good suction for 29 seconds.

Used this thing less than 10 times in 10 months. Its too weak, so I don't bother using it most times. Found great boost when cleaning out the filter, but can't go past a minute before clearing and shaking out the filter again.

Doesn't Suck

This feels like one of those products that should have made it to final testing before being sent back to the drawing board. I really wanted this to work, but it's very underpowered. It will suck up debris but you have to basically be RIGHT on it. In the end this is more frustrating to use than worth the effort.

At this point I've had it for a few years and always find myself throwing a battery in it hoping against hope that it'll actually clean stuff up and make me happy, but am just let down. I've resorted to letting my kids play with it as a toy vacuum, so I suppose as a kids toy it's nice :(

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