Milwaukee 0886-20 M18 Jobsite Fan, Tool Only

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• (1) M18™ Jobsite Fan
• (1) AC Adaptor

• Powerful Airflow System: Circulates Air Over 40 Feet 
• REDLITHIUM™ XC5.0 Battery: Provides Up to 17 Hours of Run-Time on Low 
• Adjustable Head: 120° Adjustable Head, and 9 Stopping Positions, Provide Best Control of Airflow Direction
• AC Adaptor Included for Extended Run-Time
• Up to 284 CFMs & 18MPH Max Air Velocity
• 3 Speed Settings: High, Medium, Low
• 4 Keyhole Hangers Allow for Multiple Hanging Orientations
• Hanging Holes Allow Fan to be Hung from Various Jobsite Materials
• Compact & Lightweight for Easy Storage and Transportation
• Compatible with all M18™ REDLITHIUM™ Batteries 

The M18™ Jobsite Fan provides the most powerful airflow, and unmatched run-time in a compact size. The 0886-20 can circulate air over 40 feet, making it ideal for drying or cooling on a variety of jobsites. Powered by the M18™ REDLITHIUM™ battery the Jobsite Fan delivers up to 17 hours of run-time on low* for all day run-time on a single battery charge. This jobsite fan features a 120° adjustable head, 9 stopping positions and 3 speed settings which provide optimal airflow control. The 0886-20 also includes an AC adaptor for extended run-time. *17 hours with a M18™ REDLITHIUM™ XC 5.0 battery (batteries and charger sold separately)

Customer Reviews

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Billy Townsend
M18 fan

My wife liked it so well that she asked for one to use herself! It will run all night long on low and still have battery power left in the morning. This is a great little fan!

Abe Kuipers
Great Milwaukee Heavy Duty fan

Got it mainly for camping, and it is doing great, using AC or battery powered. Heavy construction, as with most all Milwaukee tools

Douglas Shurson

Milwaukee 0886-20 M18 Jobsite Fan (Tool Only)

So good I have 2.

I'm not sure how there are negative reviews on this fan. I travel for work and use this daily. Issues must be outliers as neither of my fans have been problematic. Sound is smooth and at the appropriate level. The battery system works perfectly as would be expected from Milwaukee.

Nice little fans with room for improvement

I have two of these fans and have been using them for just over one week. So far they are working well and the plastic they are made out of is really tough stuff.
Battery life on lowest setting with a 6.0 battery will run the fan all night with one bar remaining in the morning and the fan will still be running. On high, it will kill a 5.0 battery in a few hours and on low the fan will be dead in the morning.
Personally the fan not charging a battery when it is plugged in isn't a big concern for me, but Milwaukee should have put the power supply on the inside so you can simply plug an extension cord into it. Having a separate, external power supply and cord that you have to carry with you and that you could end up losing is not ideal and if the fan did charge a battery when it was plugged in, well not an important function, would make this little fan and excellent addition to your collection.
The handle on top leaves much to be desired, you can't get a good grip on it and as other reviewers have stated and there is not a good way to hang it, from a rafter, ladder, etc.
The only real issue that I have had with this fan is that batteries are very, very hard to get in and out of the fan. Like other reviewers have stated, you can get them inserted into the fan, but you need a large screw driver or pry bar to get them out. There are two plastic rails that the battery rides on when being inserted or extracted from the battery compartment and these push laterally, on the sides, of the batteries. First I tried some oil, that helped when putting the batteries into the fan, but not when removing them. Next I tried sanding the rails and that wasn't working so I switched to a file, but there isn't a lot of space to maneuver sandpaper or a file in the battery compartment and after spending an hour sanding and filing on the first fan, I gave up. Finally, using a knife from a multi-tool to scrape the plastic down on those two rails worked. Scrape the plastic on each side, try the battery, repeat and scrape some more until the batteries slide in and out of the fan easily, like they do on all of my other Milwaukee tools.
Milwaukee needs to improve on their manufacturing process so that inserting and removing batteries will work right out of the gate, improve on the handle design so that you can wrap your hand around it to carry, make it so that you can hang it on something and they should ditch the external power supply and cord so that you can simply plug an extension cord into the fan to make it run on electricity.
These little fans move a good amount of air on the low setting, on medium or high they move a lot of air and the fact that they run on batteries is great during a power outage, or when there isn't an outlet near by.

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