Milwaukee 2135-20 M18 ROCKET LED Tower Light with Charger , Bare Tool

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• (1) M18 Rocket LED Tower Light

• TRUEVIEW HD Output: Provides High Quality Natural True Color
• 5 Second Setup, 7 Foot Extension.
• 3,000 Lumens of Multidirectional Light
• Impact Resistant, Reinforced Legs
• Built in M18™ Charger
• Covered AC Plug in
• 3 Independently Pivoting Light Heads
• Protective Guard to Secure head and lens during transport and storage
• Compact footprint, Low Center of gravity
• Low Battery indicator

• Compatible Batteries: All M18 RedLithium Packs
• Tool Warranty: 5 Years
• LED Warranty: Limited Lifetime
• Lumens: High- 3,000, Medium- 1,700 and low- 900
• Runtime on High: 2 hrs w/ 5.0 battery
• Runtime on Medium: 4+ Hrs w/ 5.0 battery
• Runtime on Low: 8 hrs w/ 5.0 battery
• Ingress Protection: IPX4 for Outdoor use

STAND UP. LIGHT UP. CHARGE UP. – The M18™ ROCKET™ LED Tower Light/Charger is designed to deliver a lighting solution that ADAPTS, PERFORMS, and SURVIVES professional use unlike any other portable work light.  The 2135-20 can be(more...)

Customer Reviews

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Second time its gone black on me!

This is the second tower light that i have bought now within a year and to have it go black on me for no reason! Didn’t hit the ground, nothing landed on it and I didn’t throw it in a body of water even tho I thought about it after #2 stopped working. I didn’t buy a third one and won’t cuz at over $500 for 12 months or less of working light is crazy. Take it in for warranty, nope sry i dont keep my receipt from a year ago = sry we can’t help you says the lady at HD. Ok rant over, other than that it seams to be like a good light...

Yes it is expensive, but it is worth it.

I purchased the Rover (3000 Lumen) and the Rocket (6000 lumen) to work as a pair. This allows me to light the area from both sides, and knock out a lot of shadows. The Rocket was primarily on jobs with poor light, in basements with no power, and wherever I need the sun. The AC Adapter / Charger is a plus as well. It is fairly stout, but I have not dropped it yet, so I don't know how well it will handle a fall. The bag is nice as well.

The Good: I am able to point it where I want. It is tall enough to shine over my shoulders. Uses batteries I already own. It has an AC adapter / Charger. The light is very bright. When you put away the light, you can protect the lights behind plastic shields. I have never used the USB ports, but I suppose that is convenient.

The Bad. I wish it had more granular control of the light. It only has three levels of brightness.

The Ugly. Milwaukee batteries are not cheap. This light cost $600 (with battery and bag), and I think it is worth it, but man that stings.

I am happy with the purchase. A good light that I don't have to wear on my head, or hold in my hand. It is probably the last task light I will ever need to buy.


Great for emergency lighting

I use this for emergency activations during power outages, planned events and unplanned events. This tower light is amazing for the 3 levels of brightness it puts out and the ability to manipulate the head to direct light in 3 different directions. It is fantastic for area lighting and task lighting. Highly recommended! A must have if you are working in areas without power or light or deal in emergency response.

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