Milwaukee 2365-20 M18 ROVER Mounting Flood Light, Bare Tool

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• (1) 2365-20 M18 ROVER Mounting Flood Light

• Optimized Shockwave™  absorbs peak torque and prevents breaking
• Stainless Steel Sleeve extends for improved fastener stability
• Laser Etched Depth Gauge for increased fastener control
• 1500 Lumens of high quality light
• Powerful Magnetic base
• 2" Spring Loaded Clamp
• Folding Rotating Light Head
• Impact rating up to 9'
• IP54: Water and Dust Resistant
• 3 output modes for optimal brightness and runtime
• High mode: 1500 Lumens for up to 4.5 hours with M18 XC 5.0 Battery
• Medium mode: 650 Lumens for up to 10 hours with M18 XC 5.0 Battery
• Up to 20 hours of runtime

• Length: 6.5in 
• Height: 6.3in
• Weight: 3.24lbs

The most versatile flood light for any task. The M18 ROVER Mounting Flood light is designed to work in any workspace, jobsite, and on any surface. It has two powerful magnets allowing users to mount this light to almost any metal surface. It also has a 2" spring loaded clamp giving the user the ability to fix this light to piping, dimensional lumber, jobsite equipment, and cabinetry & doors. These hanging features are paired with a folding rotating light head design allowing our users to dire(more...)

Customer Reviews

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Think hard before buying

Have had this light for over 2 years. Awesome light, works as intended. I'm an HVAC tech and use this light every day. Handle is useless with all but 2.0 battery. Have upgraded my batteries to the new HO and HD and now this light is useless as far as the clamp and magnetic features. Because of this I can't recommend this light. I would have to go buy old style batteries just to use this light which I'm not willing to do unless Milwaukee lets me know how to grow a money tree in my yard. I will be selling this light.

I have multiple of these lights. They are great!

A great light! I use them regularly (inside of 'box trucks'), in crawl spaces, under sinks, etc.. The magnets and the camp option both work well!

Will A
Good light

I like this light alot. It is great for doing panel changes and lighting up any smaller area.

Great light with serious flaw

Purchased light a year ago. Used in a construction environment during this time period. It was extremely handy with its powerful magnets and swivel light. The handle on it is useless - flaw one. If you spin the light in one direction all the time, you will twist the wires feeding the led's. This causes the wires to eventually rip off of the led's, causing them to short out and destroy the circuit board-serious flaw two. Buyer be aware. Otherwise great useful light.

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