Milwaukee 2426-20 M12 Lithium-Ion Multi-Tool, Bare Tool

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• 2426 M12 Multi-Tool- Bare Tool Only
• Adapter
• Wood Cutting Blade
• Sanding Pad
• (5) Assorted Sanding Sheets

• Application Versatility: Cuts, Grinds, Sands, and Scrapes
• Compatible: M12 LITHIUM-ION System with over 25 cordless tools
• Accessory Adaptor (Included): Compatible with most competitive accessories
• Run Time: REDLITHIUM Batteries offer extended run time
Durability: All Metal gear case
Variable Speed Dial: Match speed to application
On board Fuel Gauge: Displays Remaining Run Time

• Voltage 12V
• Variable Speed 12 Settings
• OPM 5,000 - 20,000
• Accessory Adapter Included Ye
• On Board Fuel Gauge Yes
• Length 10-1/4 in

The M12™ Cordless Multi-Tool is one of the most versatile jobsite tools. This 12V cordless oscillating tool is ideal for remodelers, flooring contractors, maintenance repair technicians, and electricians that tackle awkward applications on jobsites. The M12™ Multi-Tool runs 5,000 to 20,000 OPM and allows the user to match the speed to the application. The 12V Oscillating Tool has the versatility to perform a variety of applications: flush or plunge cuts, removing grout or grinding thinset, sanding or scraping. In addition, the new M12™ REDLITHIUM battery and Milwaukee's M12™ XC battery provide additional run time for the user. The universal adaptor (included in each kit) allows the M12™ Multi-Tool to be compatible with most competitive accessories on the market today.

Customer Reviews

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Battery Issue partial cure

I Love the multi-tool but the battery vibration issue is a problem, I have mostly cured the issue using a wire tie around the body and two pieces of Velcro that overlap the back of the battery and help to hold the battery in place. the Velcro makes it simple to change the battery. In severe cases of vibration it will still back out but will prevent most issues.

I also like the Allen wrench instead of the rapid blade change from other brands - as the other brands I have used are to high from top of unit to the blade to get into small areas.

Milwaukee missed it

Milwaukee missed it on this tool. Minor flaw: Its not tool free, thats fine but how hard would it have been to allow for onboard storage of Allen key?
Major Flaw: battery vibrates loose constantly under use. Cannot complete a simple door jamb undercut without the tool quitting multiple times.
I own lots of red tools but they really missed it with this one

My first disappointing milwaukee tool!

First let me start out by saying I'm a HUGE milwaukee fan! While all my milwaukee tools I own have been m18 fuel tools, this was my first non fuel product. I REALLY wish I would've spent a little more and got the newer fuel tool. Not only does it vibrate so bad I can barely hold it for more than a minute. It also is VERY LOUD. Now I can deal with that because I didn't get the updated fuel version, so i guess that's on me. BUT where I'm really disappointed is the fact that the battery keeps working its way back off and I have to stop and push the battery back in. On top of that the blade keeps coming loose, no matter how tight I tighten the allen screw. Love Milwaukee but definitely disappointed in this oscillating tool!

Not happy

I don't think I'll try this one again. Sent in for service because the batts would not stay in. Turn around was quick enough but it is doing the same as before. I don't use that often but when I need it, I need it.

I may try the M18 version but looks like same issues.

not the brushed version ,waiting for a brushless 1

brick dust killed it and no replacement motor parts had to chuck it

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