Milwaukee 2435CU-21 M12 Cable Stripper Kit for Cu THHN/XHHW

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• (1) 2435-20 M12™ Cable Stripper
• (1) 1/0 AWG Cu THHN/XHHW Bushing (49-16-B01AC)
• (1) 2/0 AWG Cu THHN/XHHW Bushing (49-16-B02AC)
• (1) 3/0 AWG Cu THHN/XHHW Bushing (49-16-B03AC)
• (1) 4/0 AWG Cu THHN/XHHW Bushing (49-16-B04AC)
• (1) 250 MCM Cu THHN/XHHW Bushing (49-16-B250C)
• (1) 300 MCM Cu THHN/XHHW Bushing (49-16-B300C)
• (1) 350 MCM Cu THHN/XHHW Bushing (49-16-B350C)
• (1) 400 MCM Cu THHN/XHHW Bushing (49-16-B400C)
• (1) 500 MCM Cu THHN/XHHW Bushing (49-16-B500C)
• (1) 600 MCM Cu THHN/XHHW Bushing (49-16-B600C)
• (1) 750 MCM Cu THHN/XHHW Bushing (49-16-B750C)
• (1) 48-11-2420 M12™ REDLITHIUM™ CP2.0 Battery
• (1) 48-59-1812 M18TM & M12TM Multi-Voltage Charger
• (1) Carrying Case

• Protects against Knife Injuries on the Job
• Depth Gauge Adjustment up to 3" for Accurate, Consistent Strips
• Compact Head, Internal Depth Gauge for Easy Access
• Optimized Bushing Design Prevents Nicks
• Variable Speed Trigger for Controlled Strips
• Ability to Strip in Crowded Panels and Switch Gears
• Quick-Change Bushing System for Faster Stripping Across Sizes
• Strips 1/0 - 750 MCM Cu & Al THHN/XHHW Cable
• Compatible with All M12 Batteries

The MILWAUKEE® M12™ Cable Stripper Kit for Cu THHN / XHHW vastly improves the cable stripping experience. With no exposed blades, the cordless cable stripper provides safer stripping than with a knife. The cable stripper's compact, right-angle design allows you to maneuver it more easily in tight spaces with less strain on the wrist. The bushing design and adjustable depth gauge deliver cleaner, more accurate and consistent strips across all sizes. The cable jacket stripping tool is not only compatible with all Milwaukee bushings but is also compatible with competitive quick-change bushings. In addition to the battery-powered stripper, this kit contains 11 bushings for copper THHN and XHHW cables, one M12™ REDLITHIUM™ CP2.0 battery, an M18™ & M12™ Multi-Voltage Charger, and a carrying case.

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