Milwaukee 2460-21 M12™ Rotary Tool Kit

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• 2460-20 M12 Rotary Tool
• (1) M12 REDLITHIUM Battery (48-11-2401)
• (1) M12 Battery Charger (48-59-2401)
• (5) Cutting Wheels
• (1) Mandrel
• (1) Wrench
• (1) Contractor Bag

• Powerful Motor - Unmatched performance under load
• 1/8" Collet - Compatible with all current rotary tool accessories
• Variable Speed (5,000-32,000) - Up to 10% faster than the competition
• Compact and Lightweight - Only 9.5" long and 1.3 lbs.
• Milwaukee Durability – Grinder style exhaust ports and protected front bearing deliver up to 10X the tool life

• Voltage 12V
• Speed 5,000-32,000 RPM
• Length 9.5"
• Weight 1.3 lbs.
• Collet 1/8"
• On Board Fuel Gauge Yes
•Charge Time 30 Minute

Milwaukee Electric Tool has developed a new breed of rotary tool by leveraging its heritage in straight and die grinders. The M12™ Cordless LITHIUM-ION Rotary Tool utilizes a powerful 12V motor and Milwaukee's RED(more...)

Customer Reviews

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Dont wast your money

Th only thing i like is the brand name first one i had lasted 1 month and switch went bad acme tool replaced it now after 2 weeks it is starting to drag and overheat t uh rning it off

It's been a workhorse

I have about 1.5 years of use with this tool, and quite honestly I am sure I have abused it about as much as possible, and I keep waiting for it to not work one day, and I am still waiting. Most of the abuse is due to using it for tasks its not really made for, as I continue to grow my tool collection, I would always find myself needing to do something for which I didn't have the best tool for the job, and it has ended up being called upon to cut off, grind, sharpen, engrave, etc far beyond what I am sure it was meant to do. I have used tungsten bits and had them catch, bounce, etc like when enlarging a hole in metal, but the hole isn't adequately larger than the bit so you end up playing surgeon, and the bit catches and rattles around the hole-tool comes to complete stop-then starts spinning back up! I have done similar stuff with cut-off wheels and grinding stones. Needless to say this has skipped and bounced around many work-pieces and has had the chuck/mandrel hit edges when trying to get into a spot that is too tight. Yet the tool still works! Now I will say it seems the speed switch is less adjustable than it was new, seems I can turn the wheel and rather than get a nice smooth increase in speed, I get stepped increases. Also when turning the speed way down to the minimum, if it torques out, it won't have the power to get moving again without a small bump of the speed selector. I have also more than a few times accidentally depressed the lock button while in use, which makes for a nasty sound. Anyway, I am pretty impressed that it still functions near perfectly, and wouldn't hesitate to buy again.

The things that could be improved....somehow,,,, would be that chuck locking button, as it is positioned great for easy use, but has occasionally gotten depressed while running. One thing I would like to see on all the tools, as it really wouldn't be much more effort to do, is instead of having speed settings numbered 1-x, label them with the actual speed for that range(especially talking about the fuel tools with 4 settings) as that would make pairing the proper speed for an attachment much easier, as right now I honestly just wing it rather than look at the manual to remember. Last but not least, get us a fuel version of this rotary tool, it really wants to be upgraded like all its friends!

Versatile tool but over heats under load.

I like the versatility of the tool but the tool keeps shutting off. At first I thought the tool was draining the battery too fast but I realized it keeps shutting off because it over heats. If you stop for about 15 min and let the tool cool down, it works.
The flaw seems to be in the case design not allowing the tool to cool efficiently and if you are not careful holding it, you can easily block the air vent ports and cause over heating. Hopefully Milwaukee will come out with a new version that addresses these flaws.

Handyman & dog lover

This is the best I've found for trimming the dogs nails, I use a cone shaped grinding stone (dremel) at speed "2", it has the power behind it to not "bog down" like my dremel doing the same task. Like I've read in the reviews, I have had the same issue, with the switch not working and full speed. It was over three years old and no longer under warranty, I still went and bought another, it does the job that well! MUCH better than clippers, less chance of getting the wick.

Great dremel upgrade

I've used and abused this the last year I've owned it, works great for detail work, haven't stalled it out or overheated it. Love the convenience of common batteries. All dremel accessories work with it as expected.

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