Milwaukee 2555P-20 M12 FUEL Stubby 1/2" Pin Impact Wrench

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• (1) Pin Impact Wrench

• Greatest access in tight spaces at 4.9" in length
• 250 ft.-lbs. breakaway torque
• 4-Mode Drive control
• Auto-Shut Off mode reduces over fastening and increases productivity
• Powered by M12 REDLITHIUM Batteries, REDLINK Intellegence, and POWERSTATE Brushless motor

• Length: 4.9"
• Height: 7"
• Width: 2.4"

The M12 FUEL 1/2" Stubby Impact Wrench is the industries most compact impact wrench on the market place. Measuring only 4.9" in length, this tool fits in tighter spaces, making users more productive. Increased torque delivers an industry leading 250 ft.-lbs. of breakaway torque, removing even the most stubborn bolts and fasteners. 4-Mode Drive Control, will allow unmatched control in various fastening applications. 1-3 RPM allows for precision control, and Auto-Shut Off Mode in the 4th setting will prevent overfastening of bolts while doing reassembly work.

Customer Reviews

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Wanted to love it but it let me down

I had only one job for this Stubby and that was to break lug nuts on Volkswagen based products and was left completely disappointed. I read the review on this tool, watch videos of folks busting lug nuts off some Nissans so I felt pretty confident this tool would get the job done. For those not familiar with VW wheel lugs the majority of their cars use 120NM (or 88.5 ft lbs) of torque so feeling confident I hoisted the car up attempted to break the lugs and....nothing happened. Not knowing if I was the last guy to tighten the lugs after I completed the job (using a breaker bar) I tightened the lugs with my torque wrench to 89 ft lbs attempted to break the lugs with the 2555 and again nothing. Considering it's rated at 250 ft lbs and I was pretty disappointed with the performance, maybe for other cars with lower torque specs on the wheels it works fine but at 90+ ft lbs it did nothing for me.

great tool

best small impact i have ever used and its nice and small fore tight spaces.

No Complaints, Plenty of power to remove lug nuts

This worked perfectly for me, I used this to change a tire on a sedan. The slots for the lug nuts were too narrow for my impact sockets for I had to use a thin wall 22mm non impact socket, and it did not shatter which was my concern. This is nice and lightweight. I was able to remove the lug nuts on setting 2. Great tool

Almost my favorited in the entire tool box.

I’m a HD mechanic and I’ve this thing for almost two years, it is one of very few tools that I have absolutely nothing to complain about, whether you’re just a home gamer or an everyday professional it works great.

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