Milwaukee 2572B-20 M12 AIRSNAKE Drain Cleaning Air Gun, Tool Only

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• (1) M12™ AIRSNAKE™ Drain Cleaning Air Gun
• (3) Drain Plug Attachments
• (1) Drain Shroud Attachment
• (1) 15 Degree Connector
• (3) Straight Connector
• (1) Toilet Seal Attachment (42-04-0035)
• (1) 10" Extension (48-53-2570)
• (1) Carrying Case

• Power to Clear Clogs Past Vent Stacks and tees
• Optimized Attachments for Sinks, Toilets, Floor Drains
• Interchangeable Attachments Optimized for Seals on 1”-4 drains, Permanent Drain Stoppers, and Toilets
• Up to 50 PSI for Tough Clogs Down the Line
• Variable Pressure Control to Select the Right PSI for Compression fittings and Older Drain Lines
• Over 25 Pressure Cycles on a Single Charge
• 15 Degree Offset Connector for Drain Access Under Fixed Faucets
• Best for slow drains and grease clogs
• No disassembly of fixtures for faster setup
• Variable Pressure Dial delivers precise pressure for control on delicate pipe systems: 0 - 50 PSI

• Length: 20.8"
• Height: 7.4"
• Width: 5.3"
• Weight: 7.1

The M12™ AIRSNAKE™ Drain Cleaning Air Gun is the industry’s first drain cleaning machine designed to clear through drain covers and traps with powered air. The M12™ AIRSNAKE™ allows users to clear clogged drains while leaving fixtures and drain covers intact. Designed for 1”-4” drain lines, the M12™ AIRSNAKE™ has the power to clear up to 35 feet, past vent stacks and tees while the variable pressure dial allows for control on delicate pipe systems. Powered air flushes water out of pipes, completely removing grease and sludge from pipe walls. With the ability to work over sinks and eliminate retrieval mess, Drain Professionals, Plumbers, and Facility Maintenance will be able to work faster when clearing clogs. The M12™ AIRSNAKE™ is powered by REDLITHIUM™ Batteries, which deliver more work per charge and more work over pack life than competitors. REDLINK™ Intelligence provides optimized performance and overload protection against abusive situations.

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William Burkholder
Item not delivered

I still have not recieved the item

One of the greatest tools for my home

A weekend service call was going to be $585 for my wife while I was away. I told her not to let the guy do it. I came home the next day after buying this at Home Depot, and it cleared a horrible clog in the drain better than ever.

It impresses you in size and power!

I am an Property Manager who is currently looking after 3 Midrise buildings. I have been snaking drains for years and have used everything from a general drain gun with auto feed and a Ridgid drum machine which I upgraded with the forward and reverse lever. Unfortunately when you change employers..the fancy toys sometimes stay behind.

Anyway enter the Airsnake. I ran into a problem at my new buildings where the job called for a drain to be snaked and I needed something bigger then the rusty old wire snake that the previous manager or maintenance person had left behind the boiler. Deciding it was time to get a new snake and seeing how Milwakee had started bringing out some new drain cleaning equipment I was torn between the M18 Drain snake and the Airsnake. Well after reading the reviews on both I decided to give new technology and ideas a try.

All I can say is I can see why the manual says "DO NOT ENGAGE IN HORSEPLAY" as within the first 10 minutes of testing out the tool and seeing the power that blows out of it...I was already designing a potato cannon adaptor for it in my head. Anyway we get down to business with the Airsnake and I cant believe how fast the clog got cleared out and how much money the property owner saved from me having to call a Plumber out on a Saturday morning. I honestly have not had that much fun snaking a drain ever. Mess was minimal but I will warn you that you might get wet. And don't be stupid and use the max setting. It took gradual increases of 5 PSI before the drain cleared at 30psi. The kit came with every adaptor and even an extension as well as a battery and charger in a nice hard molded case. Its really a nice setup. It looks impressive and as my resident said "It looks like you mean business"

I've always been a DeWalt guy but the Airsnake has convinced me to switch sides and start replacing my aging DeWalt equipment with M12 or M18 versions. I don't think my wife is going to be happy though... The Airsnake is my first Milwakee tool and my first M12


Perfect it worked so good first time I tried it I wanna buy another

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