Milwaukee 2574-20 M12 TRAPSNAKE 4' Urinal Auger Bare Tool

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• (1) 2574-20 TRAPSNAKE™ 4' Urinal Auger with M12™ TRAPSNAKE™ Driver

• Powered By M12™ TRAPSNAKE™ Driver: Maneuvers traps faster and protects porcelain, compatible with all TRAPSNAKE™ Augers
• Patent Pending Cable Lock: Integrated locking mechanism which holds the cable in place for easy telescoping extension and retraction
• Fixed Rubber Boot: Prevents porcelain scratches throughout the life of the tool
• Industry’s First Replaceable Cables

• Cable Size (length x diameter): 4' x 3/8"
• Cable End: Bulb
• Cable Locking Mechanism: YES
• Replaceable Cable: 48-53-2577
• Protective Boot: YES
• Recommended Drain Size: 1-1/4" - 2"
• Warranty (tool / cable): 5-year / 2-year
• 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee: NO

M12™ TRAPSNAKE™ 4’ Urinal Auger is the service plumbers and facility maintenance crews ideal solution for unclogging urinals and floor traps. Powered by the M12™ TRAPSNAKE™ Driver, the first powered unit optimized for the challenges of porcelain fixtures, this unit delivers power and speed to work throug(more...)

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Waterless urinal solution

I have a Kohler Steward waterless urinal at home and after 4 years of continuous use it plugged really tight. I did the two week flesh method religiously, but urine calcium deposits are recalcitrant to this. Kohler says you need to use a urinal auger. Milwaukee Tool shows up on Google so I checked it out. Looked simple but the tech cautioned that the deposits act like concrete. I tried the tool without the drill motor, it made progress but needed more force. With drill motor, it took about 5 minutes of very persistent reaming to break up the stiff deposits. It worked, several gallons of very hot water and a plunger did the rest. Like new, now. The system cost less than a pro plummer call, but I really wanted to do it myself as I know I will be faced with urinal plugged with new calcium products. I think Kohler has 2” trap diameter so 1/4” cable may not help. Product is brilliant design, and works intuitively but keep in mind how tough problem really is. I was worried I would need Tim, my pro Plummer.

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