Milwaukee 2678-OKIT M18 Force Logic 6T Utility Crimper Kit Fixed O Die

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• (1) 2678-22O (M18 ForceLogic 6T Utility Crimper Kit with D3 Grooves & Fixed O Die)
• (1) 49-16-2772 (M18 750 MCM Cable Cutting Jaw)
• (1) 49-16-2773 (M18 477 ACSR Jaw)

• Fully Balanced Design Provides Ultimate Control and Accuracy with Class 3 Gloves, Simplifing the Alignment Process.
• PFM™ (Predictive Force Monitoring): Automatically Modifies Output based on Connector, Ensuring Optimal Pressure Every Time.
• PFM™ (Predictive Force Monitoring) delivers the Fastest, Most Accurate Crimps
• Receive Instant Pressure Verificaiton with Green Light.
• Weather Protected Electronics Keep Dirt, Dust, & Moisture Out.
• Hydraulic System is Optimzed for Consistent Performance from 0°F - 122°F.
• POWERSTATE™ Brushless Motor delivers up to 4x Longer Life
• In-Line Design and 350° Head Rotation for Easy Access Anywhere
• Tool Records & Stores Every Crimp Made. One Key Enabled for professional report building.
• For ult

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