Milwaukee 2772A-20 M18 FUEL Drain Snake Drain Cleaner with Cable-Drive, Bare

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IMPORTANT: This item cannot be accepted for a return unless it is unused and in its sealed original packaging. Please contact your local Milwaukee service center for repair or replacements of this item post purchase.

• 2772-20 Drain Snake and 5/16" x 35' Inner Core Bulb Head Cable With RUST GUARD™ Plating

• Fully Enclosed Drum: Best protection and mess containment
• LED Light: Illuminates work area underneath sinks and other dark spaces
• Capacity: 50' x 1/4" and 5/16"; 35' x 3/8" Inner Core Cables
• Powered Cable Feed & Retract: Yes, CABLE-DRIVE
• Variable Spin Speed: 0 - 500 RPM
• Variable Feed Speed: 0 - 8" Per Second
• Cable Lock: Yes, Twist Lock
• Feed Lock: Yes, Twist Lock
• Warranty: 5-Year Tool/2-Year Cable
• Accepts Other Brand Cables: Yes

• Length: 19.5"
• Height: 11.25"
• Width: 10"

M18 FUEL Drain Snake with CABLE-DRIVE Locking Feed System represents the next level in performance for handheld machines, and is the first to bring brushless motor technology to the drain cleaning industry. The POWERSTATE® Brushless Motor provides more clearing power than corded competitors for tough jobs through 3” drain lines. REDLINK PLUS Intelligence ensures maximum performance under load and improves control throughou(more...)

Customer Reviews

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Sal l
Cable broke after a few uses

I would have expected the cable to last longer. I only used the snake a few times and the cable broke. Had to buy a replacement. Hopefully the replacement lasts longer.

amazing machine

have these machine since November. must have snaked out over 900 drains. just completed a job in a hotel where we where hired to snake out the sink and shower drains line after a renovation to make sure they were clean. this machine was averaging 60 drains a day with no problem. after about 400 rooms the foward and reverse button started acting up but what can you expect it had done almost 800 drains by then sent it in for service. finished the job using the m12, great machine but took twice as long because of the manual feed. the self enclosed drum on both machine is the best part of all no mess what so ever. have also used this machine on some heavy duty back up in commercial applications and with the 3/8 cable it had no problem. i will never go back using a general or rigid again

While not without issues, but great nonetheless!

I have owned this unit for about 3 months now, and have used it quite a bit in mostly residential settings. Some good things about it:
- It can run for a very long time on the included 2.0 AH battery.
- The locking feed system is a great feature of this machine as it gives the user a great deal of control when feeding or retracting the cable.
- The included cable does not kink easily, even when leveraging the machine far away from the entrance to the work area with a great deal of slack in the line.

Like the title says, not without its issues though. Some of these include:
- The cable kinks very easily within the unit, requiring disassembly to fix.
- The twisting lock mechanism at the front of the machine is very flimsy, and becomes stuck very easily, especially when it gets dirty.
- The included cable is not big enough for 3" lines, even though the advertising material implies this unit is capable of handling 3" lines out of the box. For that, you will need to upgrade to the 3/8" cable. Additionally, the included cable does not have a coupling end; just a simple fixed bulb. You will need to invest almost another $200 to get a coupling-end 3/8" cable and different attachments. Very disappointing, considering this machine is already several hundred dollars.

All in all, I do recommend this machine to those who do residential drain cleaning, and don't want to have to wrestle with larger drum machines for every single call. This thing does its job and does it well. It's not as complete of a system as one might like, especially considering the cost, but keep in mind it is still a quality Milwaukee product and will not leave you disappointed.

Tool works great but inner plastic core....

As a residential plumber I love this product but the plastic inner core is started to come out after the first use. Is there a way to prevent this? Milwaukee have you come to answer this obstical and how can we solve this as a community

With improvements

I’ve used Drain machine twice from date purchasing 2 months ago. Worked good first time no issues. Now I’m hesitant to use the machine. It’s ether press the trigger in hard for a high and low ramping of the machine or nothing at all. Overall I’m a big big supporter of Milwaukee with owning the air snake and with problems
I’m having with that tool after a couple of uses too. hesitant to purchase there new Drum Machine Milwaukee MX just because having dependable from a tool is the difference from having a paid invoice or customer having to call someone else

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