Milwaukee 2772B-21XC M18 FUEL Drain Snake Drain Cleaner with Cable-Drive Kit-B

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IMPORTANT: This item cannot be accepted for a return unless it is unused and in its sealed original packaging. Please contact your local Milwaukee service center for repair or replacements of this item post purchase.

• 2772-20 Drain Snake and 1/4" x 35' Inner Core Bulb Head Cable With RUST GUARD™ Plating
• 3/8" x 35' Inner Core Coupling Cable With RUST GUARD™ Plating
• (4) Cable Attachments (1" Spade Bit, 1" C-Cutter, Small Bulb Head, Small Drop Head)
• Pin Key
• M18 REDLITHIUM XC5.0 Extended Capacity Battery
• Multi-Voltage Charger
• Storage Bucket

• Fully Enclosed Drum: Best protection and mess containment
• LED Light: Illuminates work area underneath sinks and other dark spaces
• Capacity: 50' x 1/4" and 5/16"; 35' x 3/8" Inner Core Cables
• Powered Cable Feed & Retract: Yes, CABLE-DRIVE
• Variable Spin Speed: 0 - 500 RPM
• Variable Feed Speed: 0 - 8" Per Second
• Cable Lock: Yes, Twist Lock
• Feed Lock: Yes, Twist Lock
• Warranty: 5-Year Tool/2-Year Cable/3-Year Battery
• Accepts Other Brand Cables: Yes

• Length: 19.5"
• Height: 11.25"
• Width: 10"

M18 FUEL Drain Snake with CABLE-DRIVE Locking Feed System represents the next level in performance for handheld machines, and is the f(more...)

Customer Reviews

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The chosen
One of the best tools I've invested in!

I am a plumber and this is one of the best cable machines I have ever used it took about three times of use before you get the feel of it and get comfortable with it. But just the conveniency of how well it performs, how small it is especially for kitchen sinks and how the drum keeps everything clean. I have had it for under a year and the self feed broke so now I have to manually feed the cable I was hoping I could order a new face plate with the foregrip but maybe milwaukee will fix it for me other than that its still a workhorse.

Good idea, poor quality cable

I've used General drain equipment for years and have never had an issue, that wasn't expected. The first time using the Milwaukee 3/8" cable, the head and adapter came off in the drain and we lost them both, not to mention rendering it useless. After reading some of the other reviews, it seems like this is an issue, I think Milwaukee needs to use better cables.

Bill Pircell
Fantastic drain machine

Bought this do my plumbing service company and am super pleased. Good power for long runs. No touching the cable at all! Sturdy case and solid machine. First battery drain machine I have used and am impressed with the power. Compares easily to plug in equipment. Of all the brands I have used, this is by far the best performing!

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