Milwaukee 2891-20 M18/M12 Wireless Jobsite Speaker

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• (1) 2891-20 Wireless Jobsite Speaker
• (1) AC power outlet

• Industry's Loudest, Clearest Sound System.
• Stream high definition music wirelessly with Bluetooth® from over 100ft. 
• Compatible with the M18™ and M12™ systems featuring over 200 tools, or power with AC adapter.             
• 2 Passive Radiators maximizes clarity and volume of bass.
• 2 High Definition Mid-Woofers maximizes clarity at loudest volume.            
• 2 High Range Tweeters drives greater range of treble. 
• IP54 water and dust protected.
• Impact resistant roll cage.
• Protected 2.1A USB power outlet.

Compatible Batteries: All M18 or M12 Red Lithium Packs
Full Range Speakers: 6
Weight: 5.25lbs
Ability to Use Cord: Yes
Max Volume: 119db

The Milwaukee M18™/M12™ Wireless Jobsite Speaker delivers the loudest and clearest sound on or off the jobsite. The premium six speaker design provides unmatched clarity of sound with booming bass, clear mids, and sharp highs. Paired with a 40W dual channel dig(more...)

Customer Reviews

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Jennie Coleman
Not water resistant!!

Purchased this item in April and mid June it was left out at jobsite under a bench and it had rained that night next morning I put it inside the vehicle few days later went to use it. Nothing. Wont charge wont turn on...nothing.
Definitely not water protected. Big disappointment.

I don�t know what to do now.

I purchased the speaker on Feb. 20, 2021. On Apr. 29, 2021 the speaker stopped working. It won�t power on, connect via Bluetooth., nothing. Trying to get a response from Milwaukee on what could be done. Prior to it stop working, it�s been a great speaker to listen to music.

Never again

How can you adversities this speaker as the loudest, when the radio/charger and even Walmart specials are WAY louder. Maybe try ere is something wrong with mine, but it IS NOT WORTH THE MONEY!!!

The “Booming” sound that wasnt

For the size, weight and multiple power inputs the sound output is pathetic. Half the measured max Db of similar 40w devices (this seems to be a common complaint). Big disappointment.

Buying #2 Because I'm an Idiot

Great product, however not very tough when you forget it is sitting on the track of a skidsteer and then proceed to move "said skidsteer". Anyways that was a year ago and I've finally decided to buy a second one.

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