Milwaukee 48-00-5194 12" x 10/14TPI Bi-Metal Super Sawzall Blade

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Milwaukee 48-00-5194 Specifications:
•  Length: 12"
•  Teeth Per Inch: 10/14
•  Material: Bi-Metal
•  Applications: All woods, nail embedded woods, composition material, plastic, light gauge non-ferrous metals and aluminum. 5/8" width for higher flexibility.
•  Quantity: 5 per pack

Milwaukee 48-00-5194 Features:
•  Made with Matrix II high speed steel teeth containing 8% Cobalt to keep a sharper tooth edge longer
•  Bi-Metal design allows faster cutting, longer life blades that can bend without shattering
•  Manufactures Sawzall blades for the toughest professional applications
•  Heat treated to maximize performance in specific cutting applications
•  1/2" Universal tang that fits all Sawzalls and standard competitive saws

Customer Reviews

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The perfect go-to blade

I use it for renovation work and cutting down scrap metal. Aside from wood, this blade chews through steel bolts and nails, galvanized pipe, and black iron with ease.

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