Milwaukee 48-11-2130 REDLITHIUM USB Battery

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• 48-11-2130 REDLITHIUM USB Battery

• Compatible With Milwaukee® USB Rechargeable Products
• More Runtime: 2X More Capacity than (3) AAA Alkaline Batteries
• Longer Life: Over 2,000 Recharges
• Charge Inside Milwaukee® USB Rechargeable Products or With 48-59-2002 REDLITHIUM® Charger
• Two Year Warranty on REDLITHIUM® USB Battery

• Length: 2.9527in
• Height : 0.8662in
• Width: 0.8662in
• Weight: 0.121 lbs

MORE RUNTIME. LONGER LIFE. FASTER CHARGING. The Milwaukee® REDLITHIUM® USB Battery powers Milwaukee® USB Rechargeable products. The REDLTIHIUM® USB Battery delivers more runtime, longer life, and faster charging. Get more performance with 2X more capacity than three AAA Alkaline batteries. Eliminate the need for disposable batteries with over 2,000 charges for longer life. Get back to work faster with 3X faster charge times when charged by a Milwaukee® USB Recha

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Great headlamps battery needs work

I use this headlamp daily while I ride my bike to and from work. I work night and right about eight and a half miles each way so I used the headlamp and the battery quite a bit I've noticed sometimes even with provided cord and plug in adapter it will give me a charging error where it displays green solid light when plugged in so when I go to use it either dies very quickly or immediately starts flashing as if it is going to go out. I do not know if this is due to faulty battery or faulty headlamps. But when it is something properly it is the best light I've had thus far providing a bright yet not harsh on the eyes illumination unlike others that have LEDs with a more blue Spectrum either way overall a great battery I think it is probably just time for me to get a new one or something since it has been roughly a year. I would like to see them incorporate a USB plug-in to the battery itself so you can charge it in the device or out

It’s not the battery, it’s gotta be the flashlight

There’s one commonality between all the negative reviews about this battery: the flashlight. I too have the flashlight, and most of the time, the flashlight won’t charge the battery, and if it does indicate it’s successfully charged the battery, it may last hours it may last minutes. So, I’m guessing the problem isn’t the battery, it’s something wrong with the circuitry in the flashlight. I have this battery in three other lights and I’ve been very impressed with its performance.

I really like the headlamp so much I bought two

The original battery is not even a year old and it will not charge but until now it has been part of a wonderful product.

Nice Flashlight; Lousy Battery

Nice flashlight; lousy battery. Haven't used the flashlight much, I leave it in my vehicle and when I need one, I need one .... typically find that after sitting for a while, the battery "self discharges" .... and yesterday (after trying to use it) I found that the battery will no longer accept a charge. Really disappointing. As a custom battery platform, there is really no other choice but to buy a couple of replacements, which of course aren't in stock and aren't cheap. :(

Battery life not so great

My organization bought roughly 70 of these for use based upon the ability to charge via USB as well as the reported long live of the batteries. We are about 3 months in and nearly every one of them only has a batter life of about 30-60 minutes even on low setttings. Love the light they put out, just wish they had better battery life

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