Milwaukee 48-22-1010 Hand Staple & Nail Gun

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• (1) Staple & Nail Gun (48-22-1010)

• Up to 75% More Driving Power
• Hi/Low power switch for driving control
• Tilt & Fire Mechanism-Fully drive staples at an angle
• Integrated Stapler Puller
• All Metal Jam Free Magazine
• Handle Lock
• Stapler Flush Drive Surface
• Belt Clip
• Compatible with Arrow t50® staples sizes - 9/16", 1/2", 3/8", 5/16", 1/4"
• Compatible with 5/8" & 1/2" 18ga Brad nails

• Warranty: Limited Lifetime

The Milwaukee Staple and Nail Gun delivers up to 75% more driving power than competitive models and is designed with a dual-mode power switch to give it ultimate driving control in a wide variety of jobsite materials. An integrated staple puller eliminates the need for users to carry additional tools to assist in pulling old or wrongly placed staples. The all metal construction and Jam-Free Magazine provides protection from jobsite use, while an overmolded and non-slip handle ensures ultimate utility and safety.

Customer Reviews

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This Milwaukee stapler is awesome!

I have had one of these staplers for around two years now and I would highly recommend it. I bought it in the midst of installing underfloor insulation as my existing stapler at the time was just plain bad with misfires and blockages. With the Milwaukee Stapler I have had probably two misfires in two years. It easy to load (especially if you are crawling around under a house), it accepts a wide range of staples (my previous brand preferred its own brand, the fit was just slightly different), and I dont get too fatigued after firing several hundred staples in a run. Lastly, my daughter who is an Artist uses it (often!!) and she finds it easy to use i.e. she does not have to be a 300kg gorilla to fire the staple.

I would highly recommend the Milwaukee stapler, I want to get one for my daughter now, but sadly they are nor for sale in NZ anymore.....should I revolt and go with the Dewalt Stapler??

Good tool - but, how do you load brads?

The tool has been reliable and effective as a stapler. I'd recommend it for DIY for sure, probably pro, but I don't give it that kind of use.

The Milwaukee site doesn't have a manual that I can find! I can't figure out how to load the brads that it's supposed to shoot. Ugh. Hence, the 4-star review for weak customer support.

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