Milwaukee 48-22-1915 Self-Retracting Safety Knife

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• (1) Self-Retracting Safety Knife (48-22-1915)
• (2) Carton Blade

• Self-retract mechanism: Retracts blade when the button is released
• Two blade positions: Lets you control cutting depth
• Blade storage: Holds up to 5 blades conveniently inside the handle
• Tool-free blade change: Saves time and adds convenience with easy thumb-screw access
• Durable all-metal body: Withstands jobsite abuse
• Wire stripper: Cuts up to 10-gauge wire
• Lanyard hole: Convenient storage on a lanyard

The new Milwaukee® Self-Retracting Safety Knife enhances safety by retracting the blade when the button is released.  Two blade positions allow you to choose the cutting depth of the blade to minimize damage from over-cutting. Tool-free blade changes let you make adjustments quickly and efficiently, with on-board storage for up to 5 blades. The slim, lightweight, all-metal body takes up less space but stands up to jobsite abuse. The Self-Retra(more...)

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Better than most self-retractors out there!

I saw a bad review about this where the writer said that you have to hold your thumb in a poor manner to keep the blade out while cutting. Clearly this amateur has never been trained on the proper use of this style of knife, and might be cutting strange materials. These types of knives are all over the warehousing, wholesale club and big-box retail world for box-cuts and tray-cuts into cardboard. This Milwaukee offering is a step up in quality of both materials and design. Here's the training: Put the blade out, start making your cut and when the blade is embedded in the cardboard, release the button and you can make whatever "professional" (i.e. "comfy") grip on the knife that you'd prefer. The cardboard makes enough friction to hold the blade out while you make your cut. When your cut is completed through the material, the blade will auto-retract back into the handle. EASY. As for the cheap shot about rounded-tip blades? Go buy what you want and use those instead, Milwaukee and many other brands offer various blade styles for different work needs. Milwaukee generally makes great tools for the trades and the homeowner based on great research and innovation and stands by "almost" all of them in a warranty situation.

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