Milwaukee 48-22-8315 15" PACKOUT Tote

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• (1) Milwaukee 48-22-8315: 15" PACKOUT Tote

• Part of the PACKOUT Modular Storage System
• 1680 Ballistic Material Construction
• Impact Resistant Molded Base
• All Metal Hardware
• Padded Shoulder Strap
• Durable Overmolded Handle
• 31 Total Pockets
• Metal Tape Clip
• Tape Strap
• Reinforced Side Walls
• 2 Zippered Pockets

Part of the industry's most versatile and most durable modular storage system, the Milwaukee PACKOUT 15 inch storage tote features an impact resistant molded base that fully integrates with all PACKOUT system components. Constructed with 1680D ballistic material and all metal hardware, the 15 inch storage tote is designed for ultimate durability while the included padded should strap and durable overmolded handle allow for easy transport. The 15 inch tote features 31 total pockets designed to organize and carry power tools, hand tools and accessories.

Customer Reviews

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It�s a great design, with flaws

I�m a journeyman electrician who runs work and does service jobs. I�ve always used open top bags, easy to organize and access.

Not a Milwaukee fanboy or anything but I do like their power tools. I bought this solely so I could keep my zipper bags in the side and keep a small tote clipped on the bottom with bits and materials.

I like the overall design but the generic tool pouch design is lacking. I bought this also because many other foreman for my company use the husky totes because their interior tool pockets can all actually be used at once. The ones in this bag are like the majority of tool bags; two screwdriver pouches within two larger pouches.

Problem is that they�re all Shallow so tools want to tip out and once a screwdriver is in each pocket then it covers the two underlying pouches l.

Matt C.
Solid toolbag, some shortcomings

I maintain conveyor belts for everyone favorite delivery company with white trucks. Much of my work is going up and down ladders, replacing motors or gearboxes, and a lot of cleaning, greasing, and lubricating. I love the bag, its handy as hell, and pretty stable. Having one side with pockets and one open side is awesome since I have to carry spray bottles and rags in the open side. I also find I can easily pack a standard size grease gun on the side if I use the straps on the one side. Overall, I love it. My only complaints are the pockets are a little too big on the small tools side (stuff tends to flop around or fall out), there aren't enough individual small pockets since I tend to carry lots of screwdrivers, and the small tools side took some wearing in before I could comfortable place stuff (mainly driver bit cases) between the pockets.

Good design and great, but not enough tool slots.

l would like to see at least 8 more tool slots on the open side. The zipper compartment is too shallow, and a meter holder on the end. Plus close ability design to keep the elements and stealing eyes out

I bought it. I like it. Handy and convenient.

DIY HOME USE. I am not a professional technician. I was hesitant to buy this tote because of all the negative reviews concerning tools not fitting properly, cost, and the tote tipping over. I went to Home Depot and spent some time examining it as compared to the other totes. Although there were less expensive totes, none had features like this one. The main selling point for me was the fact that is a modular component to the Packout system. I also bought the half size compartment organizer that fits nicely underneath the tote and makes carrying easy. I DID NOT have any problem fitting tools or having them fall out. Of course I have tools that won’t fit, but that is just silly trying to make something fit that obviously won’t. I loaded the tote up with a lot more than I needed and bumped and nudged it trying to make it fall over, but it stood strong. I suppose if you put it in the back of a truck a drove around it would probably fall over, but so would most everything. One thought I had was to get a base piece of the Packout system and somehow secure it in the bed and use that to secure the tote and organizers.
TL:DR - Cost? You can buy cheaper, but you won’t get the features.
Tool fit? Put the correct tools in, you’ll have no problem.
Falling over? Everything falls if you push it hard enough.
If you are a DIY girl/guy and want a really cool tote for your Packout system? This is it.

Tote is a great foundation for RC Plane Field Bag!

I used this 15" Tote to hold all my electric Radio Control airplane gear. Holds transmitter, LiPo batteries, charger & tools. I snapped on a couple of the low profile compact organizers to hold small spare parts and adapters.

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