Milwaukee 48-53-0112 M-SPECTOR 360 Scope Head Attachment Set

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• (1) Hook Attachment
• (1) Magnet Attachment
• (1) Mirror Attachment

• ? Metal hook for small wire retrieval and pulling
• ? Magnet attachment for picking up dropped screws in tight spots
• ? Mirror attachment for inspecting tough-to-view angles
• ? Compatible with the 2313-20 and 2314-20 M-Spector 360 Consoles

The M-SPECTOR 360™ Scope Head Attachment Set (48-53-0112) adds to the versatility of the M-SPECTOR 360™ Console with three camera head attachments.  The hook and magnet attachments give users the ability to retrieve objects like wire, insulation and metal screws.  To help with tough-to-view angles, the mirror attachment extends the viewing capabilities of the camera. These attachments fit both M-SPECTOR 360™ consoles and are invaluable for any professional looking to add to their camera’s capabilities.

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