Milwaukee 48-53-0113 M-SPECTOR 360 Pipe Guide Attachment

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• (1) M-SPECTOR 360™ Pipe Guide Attachment (48-53-0113)

• Ball-shaped Pipe Guide Attachment helps the camera head maneuver easily through pipes
• 1” diameter for maneuverability in common pipe sizes
• Designed to elevate the camera out of resting water and reduce build-up
• Compatible with the 2313-20 and 2314-20 M-SPECTOR 360™Consoles

The M-SPECTOR 360™ Pipe Guide Attachment (48-53-0113) is designed specifically for plumbers frequently inspecting pipes.  The 1” ball-shaped attachment reduces friction on the camera head allowing it to maneuver easily through PVC, copper and cast iron pipe.  Its design also elevates the camera out of resting water and reduces potential for build-up.  This attachment fits both M-SPECTOR consoles and is included in the 2314-20 M-SPECTOR 360™ Rotating Inspection Camera Kit.

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