Milwaukee 48-59-1201 M12 Charger and Portable Power Source

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• 3ft Micro-USB Cable
• Wall Charger


• 3ft Jobsite Tough Micro-USB Braided Cable with Metal Ends
• Fast Charging 2.1A Wall Plug
• Compatible with all Milwaukee® REDLITHIUM™ USB Products and M12™ Compact Charger and Power Source
• 3ft Braided Cord Prevents Damage from Abrasion
• Metal Cord Ends Extend Product Life
• 2.1A Wall Plug Provides Fast Charging of All Devices
• Micro-USB Cable Compatible with all Micro-USB Devices
• Wall Plug Compatible with other USB Cords
• Cord and Wall Plug Compatible with all Milwaukee® REDLITHIUM™ USB Products
• Cord and Wall Plug Compatible with Milwaukee® M12™ Compact Charger and Power Source

The Milwaukee® 3ft Micro-USB Cable and 2.1A Wall Charger feature Nothing but Heavy Duty design to stand up to abusive jobsite environments. A premium braided cable with metal ends delivers extended life when compared to off-the shelf charging cords.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Worked great for a month then stopped working

I received this as a late Christmas gift with a heated jacket this year. It was awesome and worked great for about a month. One day I went to charge the battery and it didn’t light up. When you push the button, nothing happens. I can’t even use the battery for my heated jacket anymore. I am a life long Milwaukee customer, but might have to start researching other brands.

I would not buy this product

Used for less than a year. Always stored outside of my jacket when not using and not used much at all. Suddenly stopped working. No lights when the top button is pressed. Can use a different pack with my coat and works fine. Should last for more than a couple months.

Worthless jacket without a working power source

Loved this jacket but the power source just stopped working, the jacket was pricy and now you have to drop another 60 on a new power source. That’s poor quality Milwaukee tool company.

Charger issues

Began having charger issues shortly after purchase. It has now completely stopped working. After reading reviews it seems to be an ongoing issue.

I own 4 of these and they all stopped working.

I have 2 different Milwaukee heated jackets and a heated vest. All came with this power source. One lasted 2 days and I sent the jacket back. The replacement came and I charged the battery and went for a long walk with my dog. Used it on high until the battery was down to one light. Charged it again and I get no lights on the test button and no power output.

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