Milwaukee 48-89-4630 15-Piece TiN Shockwave Drill Bit Kit

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• (1) 48-89-4601 Milwaukee 1/16" Titanium Shockwave
• (1) 48-89-4602 Milwaukee 5/64" Titanium Shockwave
• (1) 48-89-4603 Milwaukee 3/32" Titanium Shockwave
• (1) 48-89-4604 Milwaukee 7/64" Titanium Shockwave
• (2) 48-89-4605 Milwaukee 1/8" Titanium Shockwave
• (1) 48-89-4606 Milwaukee 9/64" Titanium Shockwave
• (1) 48-89-4607 Milwaukee 5/32" Titanium Shockwave
• (2) 48-89-4609 Milwaukee 3/16" Titanium Shockwave
• (1) 48-89-4611 Milwaukee 7/32" Titanium Shockwave
• (1) 48-89-4613 Milwaukee 1/4" Titanium Shockwave
• (1) 48-89-4617 Milwaukee 5/16" Titanium Shockwave
• (1) 48-89-4621 Milwaukee 3/8" Titanium Shockwave

• Titanium Coating for Up to 3X Life vs. Black Oxide
• SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty, Engineered forDrills and Impacts
• RED HELIX Design for Rapid Chip Removal
• CHIP BREAKER Decreased Heat Buildup
• 135° split point for precision start no walking

Milwaukee SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty Titanium Drill Bits with RED HELIX are engineered for impacts and drills. Designed with a Variable Helix with an aggressive 35° Helix Angle which ends at 15°, the Impact Duty Titanium Drill bits with RED HELIX provide Rapid Chip Removal to (more...)

Customer Reviews

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After receiving the product I have only had one opportunity to use any of these drill bits. I was not disappointed of the sharpness they showed right out of the package. The products I was drilling was a thin hard metal and by starting with a smaller bit and ending at the size hole I needed these bits drilled a nice and easy along with a smooth hole.

Outstanding quality!

These drill bits are pro grade and really hold up well after lots of drilling. The kit comes with a great size range of bits and nice hard case to keep them safe. I would recommend picking up a set over over cheapers bits on the market.

Happy Maintainer
I might even buy a second set as a spare.

My favorite drill bit set. Quality products... Recommended it to anyone. Is still available on Amazon... although I think I originally purchased at Home Building Supply Center.

Durability A+

When I was using it to drill in to the hard surface, it was able to, with just a little force/push, behind the drill, I was able to go right into the material. I haven’t experienced a snapped bit so far. The only downside is that I would make the plating on it, strips real quick. Like the color of the bit is what I’m referring to.

Minimal shavings

These bits left minimal shavings when I used them to drill some holes in a thin piece of steel. They did not have any trouble at all with starting the holes. They gripped and bit without sliding over the surface

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