Milwaukee 6034-21 5” Random Orbit Palm Sander

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• (1) 6034-21 5" Random Orbit Palm Sander
• (2) 80 Grit Sandpaper
• (1) Plastic Dust Canister
• (1) Universal Vac Hose Adapter
• (1) Contractor bag

• 3.0 Amp Permanent Magnet Motor: Delivers constant speed and power under load 
• Variable Speed Dial: Adjustable sanding speed, provides maximum control and a smooth finish 
• Universal Vacuum Hose Adapter: Easily connects to all vacuum hoses sizes (1-1/4", 1-7/16", 1-1/2", 1-7/8", 1-15/16", 2-1/2")
• Electronic Soft Start: Controls start up speed, to eliminate swirls marks
• Dual Counter Balance: Provides lower vibration during use.
• Plastic Dust Canister with Filter: Durable plastic canister, provides efficient dust collection
• Universal hook and loop, and PSA PAD systems that accept both types of 5 in. sanding discs

The Milwaukee 5 in. Random Orbit Sander features variable speeds of 7000-12,000 OPM, so you can match the speed to the application. Its 3 amp permanent magnet motor produces constant speed and power. Use this sander to achieve a fine, swirl-free finish on anything on which you're working. For maximum compatibility the universal hose adapter allows for connections from all vacuum hose sizes. The plastic dust canister with filter provides efficient dust collection and increased durability.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Works good

I’m not sure why this sander has such low reviews. I’ve had it for some time now and have used it on several projects, one was several hours of sanding. Everything worked well and the dust collection worked exceptionally well.

Philly B’s custom trees

Bought this sander about half a year ago, hook and look pad on the sander itself is finished already.... doesn’t hold pads on sending them flying wherever they wish at about 10000000 rpm. Which is another issue, when you remove the sander from your project it instantly start to pick up rpms till it’s spinning so fast when you go to put it back on your work surface it gouges it.

I’ve bought a dewalt sander second hand from someone prior to owning this Milwaukee for 40$ and it worked for almost two years before the speed dial stopped controlling the speed.... needless to say it was far superior to this Milwaukee sander!.

And by all means I 100% rep Milwaukee in my workshop all day, just supper unimpressed by the quality of this tool.

Everything I work that’s a tool is milwaukee, cordless router, could less circular 6 1-2“
Battery planner, orbital sander, hammers, screwdrivers, pack out kits, battery jigsaw, I love the tools just cannot stand this sander at the moment grrr

Weak Dust Collection

The canister barely captures any dust. I'm forced to attach a vacuum when using this tool.

Should have done my research

I have had this sander for a year, and had used it a handful of times. Bought this tool because I had used other Milwaukee tools before and they were great. However this time around, it has been very undependable. First of all, the dust collector is not doing the job. I had more dusk around me than in the collector. Second, I was working on my project and just doing a quick sanding to prep it for paint, and it just stopped working. Not sure what is wrong.

I should have read the reviews prior to purchas

My second purch has now failed for the same reason, faulty switch! I wish I saw the reviews here the first time. I will see about getting it fixed and looking for a different brand for 3rd replacement.

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