Milwaukee MLCON48 48" Concrete Screed Level

Sale price$ 112.54 Regular price$ 210.00


• Mandrel Collector
• On board bit storage
• belt clip
• lanyard tie off

• Multifunctional tool provides a level and screed in a single unit
• Magnesium base for screeding, smoothing and easy clean
• Sharpsite Pitch Vial for easily reading 1/8" and 1/4" pitches
• Dedicated Concrete Working Edges - a squared edge for screeding and striking, a rounded edge for smoothing
• Ergonomic keyhole frame that delivers maximum durability and continuous grip across entire level

• Length: 48"
• Height: 3.26"
• Width: 1.75"

The Concrete Level is a new-to-world solution that combines a level with the functionality of a screed and darby. The wide, 2" magnesium base has two unique edges; a squared edge for screeding and a round edge for smoothing. The Concrete Level also has vials, not only for level and plumb, but also for pitch (1/8" and 1/4"), which is critical for determining run-off. In addition, the keyhole design provides a continuous grip and maximum durabilty. The magnesium, TPE and plastic components make it light weight and easy to clean.

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