Milwaukee 0960-20 M12 FUEL 1.6 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum, Bare Tool

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• M12 FUEL Wet/Dry Vacuum, HEPA Filter, Flexible Hose, Wall Mount, Utility Nozzle, Crevice Tool

• Up to 40% More Suction than 18V Competitors
• Most Compact 12V Vacuum
• Up to 2X Quieter
• 45 CFM
• 42” Water Lift: Powerful suction for wet and dry applications
• Hanging mount for easy storage
• Sound Power Level: 87 dB(A)
• Capacity: 1.6 Gallons
• OSHA objective data compliance for select silica dust producing applications
• Built-in Blower Port
• High / Low switch
• On-board accessory and hose storage
• Replacement washable certified HEPA filter: Model #: 49-90-1900
• Fleece dust bag compatible: Model #: 49-90-2016
• Powerful Suction for Wet & Dry Applications

The MILWAUKEE® M12 FUEL™ 1.6 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum is the first cordless 12V wet/dry vacuum of its kind. It delivers up to 40% more suction than 18V competitors, is the most compact, and is up to 2X quieter compared to other common wet/dry vacuums. The POWERSTATE™ brushless motor delivers up to 45 CFM and 42" of suction. It's compact footprint stores neatly in a van or cart with a stackable design and organized on-board storage conveniently keeps the attachments inside of the unit. It also comes with a wall mount hanging plate for increased storage options. With 14 minutes of runtime on high and 26 minutes on the low setting, this compact vacuum cleaner is ideal for spot and service focused wet/dry quick clean up needs. The cordless wet/dry vac (0960-20) comes with a flexible hose, crevice tool, utility nozzle, wall mount, and a certified HEPA filter.

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Rick Schmitt
Not that excited

I have the 18v unit that I use all the time. The 12v unit is definitely weaker than the 18v by a larger margin than I expected. The switch to turn it on is funky and sometimes requires several tries.

Works great

Reading the bad reviews makes me believe here was a bad batch shipped out. I purchased mine as soon as it hit the shelves at HD. It performed better than my old M18 one and is much quieter. I have never had the battery issues others are having. I highly recommend it. Milwaukee is one of the best companies with regards to taking care of problems with their products.

Happy with the Vac performance and Form Factor

Purchased this for cleaning the car and for quick clean up for small jobs around the house. Just the right size for the task. The Vac works great and provides adequate suction to clean the small nooks and crannies found in any vehicle. The connections pack neatly in the lunch box size tool. The run time with a M12 6.0 Ah battery was around an hour. I highly recommend buying the larger battery to provide adequate run time and keep you from running to the charger. The handy mounting plate allows you to mount the vac out of the way until needed.

Great Vac

I love this thing and am addicted to using it, im in the works of making my own extender tube so i can stand and vacuum my house (milwaukee you should make one!) best vac ive owned cuz guess what! its cordless, m18 is even better but i own the 12, buy one! but it now!

Vacuum isn't perfect, but it works for my needs

I was signed up for alerts for when this product would become available to buy in stores. I've had it since it first came out and while it's not a perfect vacuum, it's perfect for my needs.

I do maintenance for an apartment community and I was tired of carting a full sized vacuum around when all I needed was to clean up a small work area inside a unit. I already have a full set of M12 Fuel tools that I use, I kept looking at the M18 vacuum, but didn't want to mix in one M18 battery with all my M12 ones. Then Milwaukee announced the M12 version and I couldn't wait to try it out.

It has plenty of power for light clean up work, it handles saw dust, drywall dust, dirt, small screws, and even a small water mess (not at the same time of course, ha) without hassle, as far as suction is concerned.

But it does have the issue of overheating the battery. When the vacuum is working too long or too hard, the draw across the battery trips the overheat protection and the unit shuts itself down for a moment. Anywhere from 30s to 1min. I've noticed that the problem gets worse the longer you go between cleaning the filter. I keep meaning to pick up a another filter so I can hot swap them, right now I just make sure to pull the filter and clean it every few days after frequent use. That helps some, also keeping the tray empty helps. Too much build up inside can clog the filter area and leads to the overheating.

But keeping this in mind, knowing about the overheating issue, it's still a great little clean up vacuum. It's not a full sized shop vac, if I was trying to replace that for when I'm cleaning up the shop, then I would go for the M18 version. But for doing small cleanups inside apartments where I was working, even tackling some water when I had a washmachine flood, this little vaccum is worth every penny.

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