Milwaukee 2101-22 M4™ 1/4" Hex Screwdriver Kit

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• (1) M4™ 1/4" Hex Screwdriver (2101-20)
• (2) M4™ 2.0 Battery (48-11-2001)
• (1) M4™ Charger (48-59-2001)

• 21-position clutch setting with auto shut-off
• 44 inch-pounds of torque
• 2-speed gearbox: 200/600 RPM

• Voltage: 4V
• Battery: M4 REDLITHIUM
• Charger: M4 Charger
• Length: 9.6"
• Weight: 0.85 lb
• Peak Torque: 44 in-lbs
• Tool Warranty: 5 Years
• Battery Warranty: 2 Year
• Charge Time: 45 minutes
• Speed: 0-200 and 0-600 RPM
• Drive Size: 1/4" Hex

Featuring 44 in-lbs of peak torque and a 21-position clutch with auto shut-off, the new screwdriver offers improved torque control during repetitive applications. Two speeds, 200 and 600 RPM, offer further user control for precision work. At only 244 millimeters in length and under one pound, the M4™ Screwdriver is easy to use with one hand, featuring ¼” quick-change chuck for one-handed bit changes. Drilling more than 200 holes per charge, the M4™ Screwdriver is the first tool to feature Milwaukee’s RED LITHIUM ™ 2.0 battery on the new M4™ platform, offering up to 50% more runtime. Milwaukee remains committed to offering innovative solutions in power, productivity, and portability.

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Awesome tool just perfect for the task and didn’t take long to receive it either thanks


Needed to return one that stopped working never heard back from the seller.

joseph mahoney
Milwaukee 2101-22 M4 quality

I am very satisfied with the M4. The quality of the tools' solid construction and the satisfying power and performance of the device is on par with the Milwaukee hammer drill that I purchased (and still own) forty years ago!

One of my most used tools, but needs an update.

I'm a VERY frequent user of the M4 power-screwdriver. A power screwdriver is invaluable for what I do. It works fairly well for me, but after only 2 years a lot of the lettering paint is worn off, and my boss's cheapo Matebo has a guard for the angle-fold to stop your hand from being pinched. I HAVE pinched my hand on this multiple times. I would really like this feature in a Milwaukee.

Also, it would be even more convenient if it was changed to use M12 batteries but retained the same peak motor torque. The M12 screwdriver does NOT have the form factor that works for our work. The drill shape makes it much too bulky. As far as I know literally no other tool uses M4 batteries, and so I have to have a charger in my box just for this one tool. I'd love to exclusively keep M12 based devices in my mobile tool kit.

Overall, The relatively low motor torque, and sensitive peak-torque sensing (numbered collar near the tip) of the current M4 works fantastic in the electronics field, or in any field with a high likelihood of stripping, over-torquing, or breaking screws. The torque makes the M4 able to work with very small screws safely. But it also has the ability to loosen very tight screws and nuts. Even into "Bolt" territory. With either the 1st gear in the transmission or by the fact that the output shaft locks to the body so you can use the whole tool to loosen or tighten something. Ive used the body of the tool to loosene bolts that it had no business loosening. And it's held together like a champ.

I would assume that with the right motor and transmission design it could utilize the M12 battery and retain the same features. Or even possibly just electronically cut the 12v of the M12 to the 4v of the M4. Whether by running the M12 in parallel if the inter-cell lugs on the outside of the battery can handle tool current.

Either way, this is a solid and reliable product from Milwaukee that will get the job done. But I wouldn't expect it to meet 100% of the premium standards that other Milwaukee tools meet nowadays.

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