Milwaukee 2105 Penlight

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• 2105 Penlight

• 100 Lumens of TRUEVIEW™ High Definition Output
• IP67 Rated: Waterproof and Dust Proof
• Protective Rubber Bite Zone
• Impact and Chemical Resistant Lens
• 43 Meter Beam Distance
• Over 3 Hours Continuous Runtime
• Removable Metal Clip
• On/Off and Momentary-On Button
• Powered by (2) AAA Batteries (Included)
• Limited Lifetime Warranty (Excludes Batteries)

• Length: 5.39in
• Height : 0.65in
• Width: 0.65in
• Weight:0.14 lbs

BRIGHTER, CLEARER, EASIER INSPECTIONS. The Milwaukee® Penlight delivers 100 lumens of TRUEVIEW™ High Definition output. Illuminate more area with brighter, natural light for the truest colors and details. A protective rubber bite zone lets users safely direct light while performing two handed tasks. Waterproof and dustproof, this penlight is sealed to withstand the toughest

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Terry Williamson
Great little light

Well built small light for all the brightness you need.

Foxbody Mike
Hands down best flashlight I’ve purchased to date

General use, I carry daily in my pocket, hobby mechanic and machinist by trade I use it regularly.

So far love it

Only had it a week now, but I love it. I am an auto tech and it is great for car inspections and for doing various service jobs. One thing, If milwaukee made a rechargeable version I would buy it in a heartbeat.

Cabinet Guy
Great except the clip

This is a great light - I carry and use it daily. I like how the button is not easy to accidentally push and drain the batteries like the brand I carried before. The rubber bite zone is nice, but the clip is way below par in comparison to the rest of my milwaukee collection. I also find myself trying to adjust the beam quite often and would like to see that feature; not as big of a hindrance as the weak clip, but would like to see the next model have an adjustable beam.

Failed when included batteries leaked

On the positive side, this was a very bright light and fit a need. Durable and just the right size.

However, after owning it about a half year or so, the light started to dim, progressively getting worse. I finally opened it up to see what was going on and found one of the batteries originally included had broken and was leaking, and the other had acid buildup at the contact with the lamp.

I don't think it can be further disassembled due to design, so I can't troubleshoot or try to clean it better. Was happy with it initially, but final verdict is it may not be worth the investment for you should it fail. There are cheaper options on the market that would produce the same results.

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