Milwaukee 2112-21 USB Rechargeable Rover Pocket Flood Light

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IMPORTANT: This item cannot be accepted for a return unless it is unused and in its sealed original packaging. Please contact your local Milwaukee service center for repair or replacements of this item post purchase.

• 2112-21 USB Rechargeable ROVER™ Pocket Flood Light
• 2' Heavy Duty USB Cord

• 445 Lumens of TRUEVIEW™ High Definition Output
• Dual Magnet Clip
• Impact and Chemical Resistant Lens
• Angled Body for Resting and Directing Light
• 2 Light Output Modes for Max Brightness or Extended Runtime
• High Mode: 445 Lumens- 2 Hrs. Low Mode: 100 Lumens- 11 Hrs.
• Internally Charges REDLITHIUM® USB Batteries Through Micro-USB Port
• 3X Faster Charge Time: 2.1A Charge Rate
• Get 50% of a Charge in Under 30 Minutes, 80% in Under 1 Hour, and a Full Charge of the REDLITHIUM® USB Battery in 2 Hours
• LED Fuel Gauge Allows Fast Checking of REDLITHIUM® USB Battery Charge

• Length: 5.98 in
• Height : 1.36in
• Width: 1.36in
• Weight: 0.36 lbs

STICK IT. WEAR IT. CARRY IT. Powered by REDLITHIUM® USB, the Milwaukee® USB Rechar

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Great Light, Compact and bright

I'm in maintenance and use this daily, run time on High is about 2 hrs and 20 min. Charge time is about 4hrs, the magnet on the back is great, however the magnet on the clip not so much. fits well in the pocket, the clip is great for a lanyard I also like the fact if laying face down the lens does, not touch the surface.

Kat G
Needs improvement

I was using my Rover light around the house and loving it, until it fell off of the refrigerator and the plastic clip broke off and the magnets spilled out onto the kitchen floor. It hasn't been the same since. I would have recommended this light, but knowing the magnets won't hold and the battery/charging port is malfunctioning, I don't recommend it.


It work good for about 2 months, the magnet started not to stick as good, then it turned to not at all. Then I would only charge it unless I drained the battery down to red, then when I would charge it, the light would flash red and green and as soon as I would start to use it, it would go dead

Great light

This is a great work light and would buy another one

Great while it lasted.

A very nice light, ive been fairly impressed with it however. Like others have said the magnets barely do the job. Now after a couple of years of diy home use the light is no longer charging or operating correctly. I have the M18 Rover floodlight for work and that thing is legendary. Unfortunately, this USB is a rather weak offering. Also here in Canada, they want $70 for a replacement battery and charger which is about 2X what it should cost.

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