Milwaukee 2144-20 M18 RADIUS Compact Site Light with Flood Mode

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• (1) 2144-20 M18 RADIUS Compact Site Light w/ Flood Mode

• High Impact Polycarbonate Lens
• 2200 Lumens of area lighting
• 1000 lumens of task lighting
• AC inlet for all day runtime
• 4-1/4" Hanging hook for overhead lighting
• High Impact Polycarbonate Lens
• 3 Area and Task output modes for optimal brightness and runtime
• High mode: 2200 Lumens for up to 4 hours with M18 XC 5.0 Battery
• Medium mode: 1100 Lumens for up to 8 hours with M18 XC 5.0 Battery
• Low mode: 550 Lumens for up to 16 hours with M18 XC 5.0 Battery
• High mode: 1000 Lumens for up to 6 hours with M18 XC 5.0 Battery
• Medium mode: 500 Lumens for up to 12 hours with M18 XC 5.0 Battery
• Low mode: 250 Lumens for up to 24 hours with M18 XC 5.0 Battery
• Dual Function: 360° Area Lighting, 90° Flood Lighting
• 2,200 Lumens of Task, Area, and Overhead Lighting

• Length: 8"
• Height: 10.375"
• Width: 7.875"

TASK AND AREA MODES, LESS TO CARRY. The M18™ RADIUS™ Compact Site Light w/ Flood Mode offers the user two lights in one for area lighting and tasking lighting. With 2,200 lumens of output in area mode for illuminating large work areas and 100(more...)

Customer Reviews

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Very Bright, but it's a battery hog

The light is great, very bright and is especially good if you hang it from the ceiling. Like with all milwaukee stuff, it works very well but it is a battery hog. I get about 5 hours out of an 8AH battery. Honestly, why even sell batteries that are less than 6AH if nothing will run for an appreciable amount of time on them?

If they'd fix this issue

I agree with the other guy about the hanger it pops out way too easily and is hard to get to snap back in once that happens and then you constantly have a metal hanger in the way when yourbcatwking underneath a house bending it all up bc it won't stay snapped in very aggravating

Excellent light

It’s worth every penny.I’m a mason and I need to read levels and lay material to lines and this light just handles every task. I do put a beating on it. It’s fell off scaffolding numerous times( my helpers fault not the light) and it just keeps ticking. It’s very bright. I use the flood mode and it lights up a good sized room. I’m used it today in a room the size of a gymnasium and you could see everything in the room and had about a 20-30ft working range where I could clearly see a level bubble without problem.I put a 12ah battery on and I’ve never been able to kill it In one day.

Awesome site light

Needed a good light to work in a room with no power. Wasn’t sure about this but boy I was surprised. It lights up the whole room like if you had a regular lamp without the shade on it and then some. Has 3 different brightness modes and the side spot light. It lasts a decent amount of time. I usually throw my 12ah battery in it so I don’t have to worry about it but it’s a great light. You can plug extension cord in it if you don’t want to use the battery. We’ve dropped it on concrete and it hasn’t broke yet. You can hang it with the hook it has on the bottom to get more light output. I’ll probably buy more to use in other work areas as needed.

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