Milwaukee 2160-21 USB Rechargeable 800L Compact Flashlight

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• (1) USB Rechargeable 800L Compact Flashlight (2160-21) (1) REDLITHIUM® USB 3.0AH Battery (48-11-2131) (1) 2 foot Heavy Duty Cable

• 800 Lumens of TRUEVIEW™ High Definition Output
• The intensity of spotlighting with wide coverage of floodlighting
• 4M Drop Rated & IP67 Rated: Water & Dustproof
• 150M Beam Distance
• Intelligent, Multi-Functional Button Provides Battery Charge Status, Mode Selection and Mode Memory
• Designed to Fit in Pant and Tool Bag Pockets for Easy Carrying On and Off the Job
• 2 Light Output Modes: High mode: 800-Lumens- 2.5 hours; Low mode: 100-Lumens- 11 hours
• Powered by REDLITHIUM™ USB 3.0 Battery for All Day Run-Time, More Recharges, and 3X faster Charge Time.

The MILWAUKEE® USB Rechargeable 800L Compact Flashlight is pocket portable with uncompromised power. Leveraging advances in LED Technology, this flashlight maintains a pocket portable body while delivering 800L of TRUEVIEW™ High Definition output that provides the ability to see up to 150-meters (492 feet). The bulls-eye beam is designed to combine the accuracy and intensity of spotlighting with the widespread coverage of floodlighting for the ability to search, trace, or inspect better. This compact flashlight with a removable clip is designed for easy carry and storage, making it an ideal solution to keep in pockets and tool bags. The multi-functional power button offers battery indication, mode selection, and mode memory intelligence. Maximize brightness or extend runtime with high and low mode options with up to 11 hours of runtime. This waterproof flashlight is built for the toughest conditions with an IP67 rating. It's rated for 4-meter drops and can withstand submersion up to 1-meter. The USB Rechargeable 800L Flashlight is powered by the REDLITHIUM™ USB 3.0AH Battery, providing all-day run-time, more recharges, and 3X faster charge time. The Milwaukee REDLITHIUM™ USB Battery can be recharged in the flashlight via Micro USB or swapped out with additional REDLITHIUM™ USB Batteries for virtually no downtime. The 800L Twist Focus Flashlight is covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

Customer Reviews

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Decent flashlight

I received this light as a replacement for the defective previous model that wouldn't hold a charge, first off, I like the design better. I also liked the location of the charging port better and the fact the the LED ring around the power button indicates the charge level.

All in all it's a massive improvement and it holds it's charge well. I've been using it consistently over a week period (maybe 1.5/2 hours of light time) and haven't had to recharge yet.

For the cons, I would say I wish the usb cable were longer. Ide also ask for the ability to zoom the light beam. Don't get me wrong the spread is great but if you are looking to see longer distances or into containers ect...the zommable option would make this light a 5 star rating.

Bobby S.
I will not buy it again.

I normally carry several tools in my pocket as a refrigeration install guy. I wasn’t careful and put this light in there. It turned on in the high output mode melted to a mask I had in my pocket.(covid times) When reaching out to Milwaukee about a replacement lens I got zero response. It also warped the lens and head so the top will not screw on all the way now. I’ll go back to stream light.

Works well

got this a few weeks back and my family and I have gotten alot of use out of it. I would recommend this to any of my friends and family as this is a good quality , fun product.puts out a lot of light.

Great Quality

All of the parts regarding this item were of great quality and this item would be good for an emergency or a mechanic that is working late into the night due to the high brightness.
One of the best thing with this flashlight is that is rechargeable with a common micro USB cable which is included with the product.

pistol pete
amazing flashlight!

I use other Milwaukee tools for work,and in my opinion they are the absolute best. I got this light because I know they make great products at a competitive price, and this light is no different . it is SUPER BRIGHT,light as a feather, the charge lasts quite a while and it charges rapidly . I usually plug it in the night before and grab it on the way out the door in the morning.excellent light,great value

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