Milwaukee 2267-20 10:1 Infrared Temp Gun 9-Volt

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• (1) 2267-20 Infrared Temp-Gun
• (1) Manual
• (1) 9V Battery

• Measures surface temperatures -22°F to 752°F for use in a variety of applications
• 10:1 distance-to-spot ratio measures a 1 ft. spot from 10 ft. way
• Premium LCD display for clear readings
• User-configurable High/Low Temperature Alert
• Fully bumpered nose, shielded LCD Survives 6' ft drops
• Hold, Max, Min, Avg, Diff Modes
• Clear button functions, easy setup
• Overmolded grip for easy handling
• 0.95 Fixed Emissivity

The Milwaukee Infrared Temp-Gun delivers the clearest screen and faster scanning. With stunning readability indoor & outdoor, this infrared temp-gun provides easier readings for professional, residential, commercial and industrial users in any environment. Simple High/Low alert setup makes scanning easier and faster. With a 7-point reinforced frame, fully bumpered nose, and shielded LCD, the Milwaukee Infrared Temp-Gun survives 6ft drops for superior durability.

Customer Reviews

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Robert L
Very Inaccurate

Not worth the money. Never worked right... period....

Very disappointed in these

I purchased 2 of these at the same time and they both consistently were 8-10 degrees too cool. Read an article on how to calibrate them and got it within 4-6 degrees of the correct temp. Now one is missing (which isn't anyone's fault) and the other one is reading a couple degrees less than it should and has no laser beam at all. Wish I would have sent them back a year ago when I purchased them.

Not accurate

This tool was a big disappointment, it’s terribly inaccurate..

BearBird Workshop
Accurate and Easy-to-Use

Milwaukee's 10:1 Infrared Temp-Gun has been a reliable temperature measuring tool on just about everything I use it for. Want to know if the hot tub is hot enough? Your grill ready? Is the lake too cold to swim? HVAC, welding, automotive repair - what haven't I used this tool on? Having a 10:1 distance-to-spot ratio is great for most of my needs. It also has a lot of other features I don't normally use such as alarms and high & low readings.

Love Milawaukee Toolsd

Love Milawaukee tools. The M18 Fuel brushless motors are my favorite.

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