Milwaukee 2366-20 M18 ROVER Dual Power Flood Light, Bare Tool

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    • Provides 4,000 Lumens of TRUEVIEW™ High Definition Output
    • Powered by M18™ REDLITHIUM™ Batteries or Extension Cord
    • IP54: Dust and Water Resistance
    • Up to 12 Hours of Run-time with XC5.0 Battery
    • 33% Performance Increase
    • 120° Light Head Rotation
    • Integrated Keyholes for Hanging Overhead
    • Impact Resistant Design
    • 5yr Tool/Limited Lifetime LED Warranty
    • Three Output Modes for Optimal Brightness and Run-time

 • M18™ ROVER™ Dual Power Flood Light

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mediocre features !

C’mon Milwaukee why can’t you make an AC adapter that slides into the M-18 slot? It’s not hard to do. Everything could be convertible.
Lights, table saws, mitre saws toenail clippers oh wait those are M 12.
C’mon guys pleeeeze.

Union Fitter 486
Missing 1 feature to make it a 5 star rating

If this charged the battery while you had it plugged in this would have been a home run. I love my m18 radio/charger. I was expecting the charger to be a feature in this light. It would be one less charging station you need to get in and out of your truck everyday.

But as a light I have no complaints.


Big improvement over the older models of flood lights....super bright and lightweight. The dual power mode was a big selling point for me. Would highly recommend this light.

Great BRIGHTER Light

This redesign is quite more click spots for aiming, it's a smooth rotation adjustment and you can leave it where you'd like instead of a click point preset. I only wish I could aim it at the base so on could protect the lens while in storage or transport.

Secondly, the plug is now protected, big bonus for durability!

Third! Run times are exceeding the original one WHILE, at the same time, giving brighter output in all modes! Great improvement and actually the only reason I bought it because I was perfectly happy with the original.

Buuuut, BUT .... Milwaukee missed HUGE here.... they should've added a charger option on the second generation! It not only would've justified the purchase more, to those of us that already own version one, but it would've made this tool sooo much more versatile and way more desirable! The thing is already pretty big... fitting in a mosfet, heat sink and few other bits to allow this to charge while plugged in would've made this light an absolute home run! As it stands it's a solid triple and I do not regret buying it just for more Light and more runtime. But....a charging feature would've been so so sweet!....and I would've been ok paying a few extra bucks for that. .....something to think about Milwaukee! Oh, I'd love to help you with R&D or even just spitballing ideas.....Milwaukee, call me. ;)

Uncle Bob PA
I couldn't wait to get this

I use this for painting and drywall and I'd like the improved and improved efficiency of the light bulbs

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