Milwaukee 2446-20 M12 Grease Gun, Bare Tool

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Milwaukee 2446-20 Specifications:
•  Volts: 12V
•  Output Pressure: Over 8,000 PSI
•  Run Time: Up to 7 great cartridges per charge
•  Grease Capacity: 14 oz. cartridge, 16 oz. bulk
•  Overload Protection: Yes
•  Bulk Filler Valve: Yes
•  Air Bleeder Valve: Yes
•  Hose Type: 36" High Pressure Flex Hose with Spring Guard
•  Three Way Loading: Yes, bulk, cartridge & suction capable
•  Coupler Included: Yes
•  Tool Length: 14"
•  Tool Weight: 7.2 lbs.
•  Battery: M12 XC Lithium-Ion Battery (not included)

Milwaukee 2446-20 Includes:
•  Grease Gun (Tool Only)
•  36" Flex Hose with Spring Guard
•  Grease Coupler
•  Battery and Charger sold separately

Milwaukee 2446-20 Features:
•  Powerful 12V Motor: Delivers over 8,000 PSI Max Operating Pressure
•  Best in Class Run-Time: Dispenses up to 7 cartridges per charge
•  Superior Handle Balance and Ergonomi(more...)

Customer Reviews

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Just ok

Just received this to use instead of a pistol grip. First off the grease chuck/zerk nozzle had to be replaced. The one that comes with this unit didn’t work hardly at all. Any fittings that need a decent amount of pressure, the nozzle just wouldn’t grip hard enough even while bearing down on it and would just lift off while pressure built. Once I replaced it with a good quality fitting, that was solved.

Other than that the unit works ok although I highly doubt it makes anywhere near 8000psi. There was a couple fittings in small housings that are tough to push grease into with my 4500psi pistol grip gun, when I tried with this Milwaukee unit, it pushed some but would stall the motor. My 4500psi manual gun would push grease into these areas but would be difficult. I figured the 8000psi of the Milwaukee would do better with these but I guess not.

The M18 might be the one I should’ve went with but I figured the M12 was even overkill for greasing my mower.


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