Milwaukee 2475-20 M12 Compact Inflator, Bare Tool

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• 2475-20 M12 Compact Inflator
• Ball Inflation Needle
• Presta Chuck
• Schrader Chuck
• Inflator Nozzle

• Fastest Cordless Tire Inflator: Top-off a car tire in under 1 minutes. (28 - 35 PSI)
• Inflates car, LT truck, and compact equipment tires.
• REDLINK™ Intelligence: TrueFill™ Auto Shut-off technology increases accuracy, protects from over-temp and over-fill.
• High efficiency pump and motor for true 120 PSI capability.
• Illuminated digital gauge with target and current pressure reading.
• Top off a car tire in under 1 minutes 28-35 psi, fills a LT truck tire in under 4 minutes 30-45 psi.
• Compact, portable, and easy-to-store in any car or truck.
• Weather and impact resistant with a reinforced cage.
• Anti-vibration feet for no tool movement while running.
• 3-year limited warranty.

• Length: 6.5"
• Height: 7.5"
• Width: 6.5"

FASTEST CORDLESS TIRE INFLATOR. The Milwaukee® M12™ Compact Inflator delivers fast, accurate, easy inflation with the portability to take anywhere. The inflator has the capability to complete demanding applications like car, LT truck, and compact equipment tires, the M12™ Compact Inflator gives users ultimate power and efficiency. Rated to deliver over 120PSI, The high efficiency motor and pump top-off car tires in under 1 minute. The TrueFill™ Auto shut-off technology delivers highly accurate pressure, protects from overfill, and automatically senses speed of fill to deliver precise shut-off at the desired PSI. Additionally, the unit includes a large easy to read back-lit LCD, anti-vibration feet, and 26” inch hose with an all brass Schrader chuck.

Customer Reviews

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Lynn Evans

Wonderful tool! We always have multiple tires that need air!

Tony Tran

This is perfect for me! I wanted something small and lightweight to move around to top off all of the tires of the cars in my family; and this fit the bill. Just, when inflating anything that's not-so-pressurized in the first place, keep an eye on the pressure gauge and a finger on the button to start/stop this inflator. It might under- or overinflate those things.

Great for keeping in the car

I love this, I have a Viair 12v inflator that I used to keep in my truck but I've since switched to this. I always keep a 6.0aH battery on this. Any inflator is slow to fully fill a tire, keep that in mind. These are best to top off a tire but I have used it to fully inflate to 35 psi, it will drain the battery but worth it. In my shop though I'll either use an air compressor or my m18 inflator to inflate faster. I love the fact tgis pumps to the desired pressure.

One thing I will note is that if you are inflating something small such as a ball or stroller tire it will well overshoot as it takes a coulle seconds to register the pressire. If doing something small keep your finger on the inflate button to stop it (press once to turn on press again to turn pump off) - you don't need to shut the power off to the entire unit, turn it on, shut it off and wait for the pressure to stabolize and display. Take it from me as I destroyed my son's small ball, thinking this would shut off at 5 psi but by the time it did shut off it put 15 psi in there within a few seconds and now the ball won't stay inflated.

Not for a real shop

Giving three stars because yes it does work and is pretty slick with the auto shut off and easy to use setup. I bought this for my auto shop thinking I could save time while doing other things. This inflator takes forever to pump even 20 lbs of air. I thought I would push it and air up a truck tire to 80 psi. It took well over 10 mins to even get to half and it pretty much sucked a 4.0 battery dry. Might try the M18.

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