Milwaukee 2488-20 M12 Soldering Iron, Bare Tool

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• M12™ Soldering Iron
• Chisel Tip
• Pointed Tip

• Green LED Indicates Operating Temperature Reached
• Red LED Indicates Tool is Off and Still Hot
• 3-Stop Pivoting Head: Delivers Unmatched Access
• Tool-Free Tip Change: Easily Switch Between Chisel and Pointed Tips
• LED Work Light
• Compatible with all M12 Battery Packs
• Part of the M12 System, Featuring 80+ Tools
• Part of the M12 System, Featuring 80+ Tools

• Length: 10.05"
• Height: 1.385"
• Width: 1.136"

The M12 Soldering Iron delivers fast application speeds by reaching operational temperature in under 18 seconds and maintaining an optimized temperature throughout the most demanding applications. The heat indicator utilizes REDLINK INTELLEGENCE to notify users when the tool is ready-to-use and safe-to-store, eliminating the guesswork. The 3-stop pivoting head provides unmatched access

Customer Reviews

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Pretty decent for cordless

I have not actually soldered anything with this tool. I have been using the chisel tip in the tool as a hot knife for upholstery work. It does feel a little cheap but i was also under $100. I feel I got a good working tool for the money. I have used it enough to run 4 large batts dead, but only have had it for a few days now. Was happy enough I thought I would let you know


Sounds good

... until the plastic melts. What do I get because I didn't buy this tool and then send it back for warranty service/replacement? If I was a masochist I'd buy one and then use my rotary tool to remove the offending collar so I could replace it with epoxy or heat resistant potting sludge. But I'm not and I'd rather your engineers fix it so I can buy one in good conscience.

At any rate, these reviews are quite helpful. Keep up the good work.

What size fuse do I get. . .

I've used this thing for over a year and a half for car audio. To pcb boards at work. . . Never had it melt nor break on me. . . However soldering three 14ga wires together it got real hot at the base of the tip. . . Then stopped working all together. The sefuse is bad in it but I can't find the correct size one to replace it with and the letters were more or less rubbed off once removed. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Stopped heating

I bought this soldering iron around a year ago, as a freshman in college, but overall usage hasn’t even been a year. I’m studying physics, but I’m required to take wiring and programming labs, where a soldering iron is required. I take very good care of it, yet it has stopped heating up. I’m not quite sure what to do, because it was needed for class, and now this has happened. I’m a college student, and I don’t have money to just keep buying soldering irons. I love all of your other tools, and have loved this tool, up to this point, but it sucks that it can’t even last me a year, when I’ve realistically only used it for two semesters, and not even every day. Milwaukee makes great tools, but I’m not sure I’m all that satisfied with this one, after only owning it a year, and having it stop work.

Very upset

I used this tool three times today and on the third deans connector the tip collar melted this is only the fourth time using it since I bought it back in October of 2020. I really hope milwaukee makes it up in customer service and is able to rectify the problem with me.

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