Milwaukee 2627-20 M18 Cut Out Tool Bare Tool

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• (1) 267-20 Cut Out Tool
• Belt Clip
• (2) 1/8" Drywall Bits
• (1) 1/8" Collet
• (1) 1/4" Collet
• (1) Wrench

• 4-Pole Motor: 28,000 RPM's 
• REDLINK Intelligence provides overload protection to defend against abusive situations.
• REDLITHIUM 3.0Ah battery provides up to 120 cuts on one charge 
• Tool Free Depth Adjustment
• LED light
• Vent on top of tool to blow debris away from the user
• Belt Clip 

• Time to cut Outlet Box: 30% faster than competition
• Most Compact: 10.3" & only 2.1lbs
• Collett Diameter: 1/4" & 1/8"
• Compatible Batteries: All M18 RedLithium
• Compatible Chargers: 48-59-1812, 48-59-1806, 48-59-1807, 48-59-1808,  2710-20
• Tool Warranty: 5 Years

The M18 Cut Out Tool is the fastest, most compact tool in the market. With our 4-Pole motor this tool delivers up to 20% faster cuts than other tool

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Works great for awhile

I'm a drywall hanger and I bought my first router from milwaukee 3 years ago and so far I've gone thru 4 of them in the three years I've used them they work great for cutting out electrical boxes and windows and doors through out the day as long as you have a good size battery on it. I personally use a 5.0 and it lasts me half day constantly being used. I have used other routers and I prefer this one however my only problem with it is it seems to always mess up in the same way I start hearing a grinding inside like a bearing or something and then sooner or later I turn it on and the light comes on but the bit doesn't spin....It has happened to all 4 of the routers Ive gone through and I just wish it could be fixed . Overall I would recommend this for people who don't drywall all day evryday unless you're like me and are okay with getting a new one every 7-9 months

Not as good as was expecting.

Was shocked to see how loose the depth guide fits. It's got a lot of side to side play tha makes me really question how stable it it.

Another thing that drives me nuts it the lack of a storage slot for the chuck wrench. Makes me really miss my old rotozip that stored the wrench and a few extra bits in the handle.

The bits that came with it are low quality. Honestly I tossed them right out. I could tell they would hold up long.


is there a way from keeping the rotozip bit from falling all the way in. i work drywall and the dewalt and hilti routers dont let the bits fall all the way in.


Great drywall cutout tool but wish it had a quick release collet system like dewalt and a spare bit tray like porta cable..

Great Tool when you use it for what it is intended

Not a router folks, specific use to cut drywall and it does that very well. I do with the height adjustment and the base were a bit more sturdy. Also WOULD KILL FOR A CIRCLE CUTTING JIG FOR THIS.....

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