Milwaukee 2631-20 M18 Brushless 7-1/4" Circular Saw, Bare Tool

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• (1) M18 Brushless 7-1/4" Circular saw
• (1) Blade
• (1) Wrench

• Up to 40% more Power Than Brushed Saws
• Up to 30% More Run-Time Than Brushed Saws
• More Durable Than Brushed Circular Saw
• Magnesium Upper and Lower Guards for Increased Durability
• Milwaukee® Brushless Motor: Optimized for efficiency, this motor delivers over 30% more run-time and longer life than brushed motors. Delivering 5,000 RPM for smooth, powerful cutting
• REDLINK™ Intelligence: Advanced overload protection defends against abusive applications and monitors the temperature to prevent damage and ensure maximum tool & battery life.
• Integrated folding rafter hook for easy storage
• 2-1/2" Cut Depth
• LED light for greater cutline visibility in low light situations

• Depth: 13"
• Height: 11"
• Width: 7"

The M18 Brushless 7-1/4" Circular Saw delivers up to 40% more power than circular saws with brushed motors while providing up to 30% more run-time as well. The Milwaukee built motor, REDLINK™ electronics and REDLITHIUM XC5.0 battery provide more efficient power delivery, more power and fewer trips to the charger. With 5,000 RPM that 2631 provides smooth cutting and at only 9.0 lbs it is lighter than most corded saws. The saw also features an integrated rafter hook, magnesium guards, an aluminum shoe and LED light.

Customer Reviews

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Mike Hughes
Good price good delivery good tool

Yeah it’s a great tool now it is a left-handed saw mean in the blades on the right side. Which I like but I didn’t totally appreciate that when I ordered it. like all my Milwaukee purchases good delivery, good price.

Powerful saw

This saw has made projects away from the shop so much easier! Before I had to load the generator, gas and oil. Now I load up my Milwaukee M18 tools and set out!

ray ray1249
overall it's great

first off I started framing houses when I was 14 then moved on to learn just about all there is to do to from concrete to painting and finishing touches. I'm not saying I know every single trick in the book and that I know all there is to know but I've done it a really long time. this saw is definitely your game changer ..I know the fuel line is supposed to be better and granted it probably is a little better but I found the M18 brushless combo kits are easier on the pocket and don't feel your sacrificing that much on performance. there are defects in any brand you buy but keep your receipts I'm sure Milwaukee has a good setup in place for their warranty and they'll stand behind it I'm sure. I've used all sorts of name brand tools and I agree you get what you pay for. I have hand me down sawzalls from 25-30 years ago that still work fine .that said this saw should be compatible with all their batteries in the M18 lineup so that would be something to look at cause they're kind of pricey but again you get what you pay for but if you don't need to cut all day then just get a smaller battery...

agent x
pretty good saw. lots of power

one thing I don't get about this is the hanger. it's not balanced to hold the tool without it tipping. I'm likely to take it off. glad it's made so I can.
also, I'm having trouble finding a rip fence attachment for it. what part number will fit

This saw kicks butt, it’s very well thought out

Milwaukee impressive saw guys well done, I’m a huge of this saw, it’s a must have on the job site, it’ll wear you out before you run out of battery, the ergonomics on it are fantastic it’s accurate to a T. I really like the trigger and safety. It’s just one of those tools that perfect out of the box.

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