Milwaukee 2775-211 M18 FUEL Switch Pack Sectional Drum System Drain Cleaner Kit

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Free M18 Battery after purchase of M18 Switch Pack Drum System (e-rebate required)
Redemption Details

Free M18 High Output HD12.0 Battery and Cable after purchase of Switch Pack Cable Drive Assembly and M18 Switch Pack Drum System (e-rebate required)
Redemption Details

IMPORTANT: This item cannot be accepted for a return unless it is unused and in its sealed original packaging. Please contact your local Milwaukee service center for repair or replacements of this item post purchase.

• 2775-20 SWITCH PACK™ Powered Base
• SWITCH PACK™ Drum w/ Anchor Cable
• M18 REDLITHIUM XC5.0 Extended Capacity Battery
• Multi-Voltage Charger

• Built-In Backpack Straps: Easiest Transport
• Integrated Drum Brake: Electronically slows drum up to 5 times faster than competitor drum machines
• Electronic Foot Pedal With Non-Slip Grip: Maximum Durability
• Fully Enclosed Drum: Best Protection and Mess Containment
• Drain Line Capacity: 100' x 1/2" Inner Core Cable; 100' x 5/8" Open Wind Cable
• SWITCH PACK Drum Capacity: 75' x 5/16" Inner Core Cable; 50' x 3/8" and 1/2" Inner Core Cable; 50' x 5/8" Open Wind Cable
• Spin Speed: 250 RPM
• Accessory Attachment Storage: On-Tool
• Warranty: 5-Year Tool/2-Year Cable/3-Year Battery
• Accepts Other Brand Cables: Yes

• Length: 15.75"
• Height: 17.75"
• Width: 15"

M18 FUEL SWITCH PACK Sectional Drum System is the first drain cleaning solution that combines the benefits of sectional and drum machines, creating the single most versatile and mobile mac(more...)

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Decent product but has some flaws

First off the switch pack is extremely portable. I was able to get to a 3” clean out that only had 2ft of space before the other unit. This worked great and was able to snake 100’. But there are flaws. A battery I received with the kit only fully charged once with supplied charger and not does not hold a charge. I will say this is rare for a Milwaukee m18 battery. The next issue which seems the biggest are the clamps that hold the drums to the switch pack. After two weeks of use and transporting the drums separate. There are stress cracks on the plastic pieces where the clamps are. I’ve emailed Milwaukee about both issues four weeks ago with no response.

I would recommend the switch pack

The switch pack is very convenient. Makes jobs less time consuming. Just got to remember to have an extra battery and keep them charged

Do not buy

I really like the idea of the battery power, but the drum is not weel disigned the cable always scrambles out the drum
I been using the rigid k 400 for years and Im waiting for milwaukee to redising this machine or for rigid to came out with battery version for the k400

Im still using this machine with modified drum

Awesome tool for drain cleaning

This is a great machine. So much easier to carry into the job and much cleaner than my old clunky machine. It even looks more professional


Nice backpack design plus fast and easy and no mess when retracting.

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