Milwaukee 47-53-2776 Switch Pack Cable Drive Front Guide Hose

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• (1) Guide Hose

• For use with Milwaukee® M18 FUEL™ SWITCH PACK™ CABLE-DRIVE™ Assembly
• Contains Free Spinning Cable to Help Protect and Keep Area Clean
• Tool Free Connection to CABLE-DRIVE™ Assembly
• Guide hose for Milwaukee® SWITCH PACK™ CABLE-DRIVE™ Assembly
• Encloses the Spinning Cable to Help Protect and Keep Area Clean
• Tool-Free Quick Connect to CABLE-DRIVE™ Assembly
• 2ft Guide Hose
• Product Weight: 1 lb.
• Machine & CABLE-DRIVE™ Assembly Sold Separately
• For Use with Milwaukee® SWITCH PACK™ CABLE-DRIVE™ Assembly

• Product Length (in): 25
• Product Height (in): 2
• Product Width (in): 2
• Product Weight (lbs): 0.85

Guide hose for Milwaukee® SWITCH PACK™ CABLE-DRIVE™ Assembly. The guide hose contains the free spinning cable from the machine to the pipe. This protects and keeps the work area clean. This 2ft hose features a tool-free connection to the CABLE-DRIVE™ Assembly. The M18 FUEL™ SWITCH PACK™ Sectional Drum System is the first drain cleaning solution that combines the benefits of sectional and drum machines, creating the single most versatile and mobile machine on the market. Tackling the most frequent challenge of any drain cleaning application, getting the machine onto the job, the SWITCH PACK System utilizes a modular design with backpack straps for the easiest transport to any roof, drain, crawl space, or cleanout.

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Best New Plumbing Tool Ever!!!

I use the AirSnake almost every day in and Industrial Meat Processing Company, and it has reduced my time spent clearing blockage's by 90%. I have 2 complete kits for different areas.

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