Milwaukee 48-00-1420 6" Tungsten Carbide Sawzall Blade 3-Pack

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Milwaukee 48-00-1420 Specifications:
•  Length: 6"
•  Width: 3/4"
•  Thickness: .032"
•  Grit: Coarse
•  Material: Tungsten Carbide
•  Quantity: 3 per pack

Milwaukee 48-00-1420 Features:
•  Manufactures Sawzall blades for the toughest professional applications
•  Heat treating designed to maximize performance in specific cutting applications
•  Durable, long life blades are the goal of every blade made
•  1/2" Universal tang that fits all Sawzalls and standard competitive saws
•  Medium and coarse grits for cutting hardwood flooring, cast iron, stainless steel, fiberglass materials, (polyesters, epoxies, melamines), ceramic tile, stone, slate, clay pipe, carbon, brick, plaster, marble, and chalkboard

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