Milwaukee 48-00-1640 Drywall Access Sawzall Blade 1-Pack

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• (1) Drywall Access SAWZALL® Blade (48-00-1640)

• Ideal for Servicing Plumbing and Electrical
• Optimized Length to Minimize Damage to Pipe and Wire
• Cut all Directions
• Fast Plunge

The Drywall Access SAWZALL® blade has been engineered to specifically address the frustrations encountered when doing plumbing and electrical service work behind installed drywall. When plumbers try to access a leak or Electricians are looking for a faulty wire, there is a substantial possibility that they will puncture an existing pipe or wire when using the standard blade lengths available today. The new Drywall Access blade is only 2-1/2” long, optimized to cleanly cut through up to 5/8” drywall but avoid this type of damage. In addition, the new blade’s unique multi-directional tooth design allows the user to cut in all directions, for maximum finesse in small diameter cutting.

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