Milwaukee 48-08-2744 21 Degree Framing Nailer Extended Capacity Magazine

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• (1) 21 Degree Framing Nailer Extended Capacity Magazine

• Compatible with M18 FUEL™ 21 Degree Framing Nailer (2744-20)
• Accepts Two Full Strips of Framing Nails
• Durable and Lightweight Magnesium Design
• Bottom Load Design
• Nail Size & Collation Angle Capacity Display on Magazine
• Simple, Quick Installation
• Nail Lengths: 2" - 3 1/2"
• Nail Diameters: .113" - .148"
• Nail Collation Angles: 20°- 22°
• 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty

• Product Length: 22.5"
• Product Height: 3.5"
• Product Width: 2"
• Product Weight: 1.5 lbs

The MILWAUKEE® M18 FUEL™ 21 Degree Framing Nailer Extended Capacity Magazine provides all-day productivity by increasing nailer magazine capacity to accept two full strips of nails. This results in less downtime due to reloading and a more productive day. This accessory is compatible only with Milwaukee's M18 FUEL™ 21 Degree Framing Nailer (2745-20).

Customer Reviews

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Lost a star for not holding the advertised amount

This lost a star from me because it is advertised as being able to hold 78 nails and 2 strips, I have strips of 25 nails,(3 x. 131) so I was able to get 3 full strips inside but it did not secure them, so I had to take some out. I had a strip of 19 laying around, so I was able to get 69 nails properly loaded( 2 full strips plus the strip of 19). Another issue for me is portability, the standard one could only secure 1 strip, even though there was enough room for 2. Had that one been extended by less than an inch or so I would have been able to get 2 strips in there. Another issue is portability, with the standard one, I am able to throw it in my large packout, along with nails and carry it wherever I need to it. Knowing it is safe and secure. This makes it too big to fit. The instructions tell you to remove 3 screws, but I was able to take this off with 2( front and back screws, as oppose to the front and 2 top screws). Having the extra nails definitely came in hand while I was framing. Suggestion: I would like to see a carrying case for the framer when the extended magazine is attached to it, to make it easier to protect while you transport it. My case for my SDS Max one key Rotary Hammer is big enough to hold it, so a case designed for this would be great. I would like to see this reworked so you can indeed hold the advertised amount. I have another framer and I like that you can lock the Lever down while you load it you cannot do that with this one, so you have to keep the lever up until you've loaded in your nails.

because we all wanted a smaller framing magazine

thank god milwaukee ships their framing nailer with a small magazine. I always think 2 clips are just too many nails. If I could refill my nailer every <30 seconds, then, then I would be happy... What an absolute joke. No one wants to fork out $80 more on top of their already expensive gun. Just get rid of the small clip. No one wanted a small clip. This is just forcing us into giving away more money, for another product (the small clip) to inevitably end in a landfill

Paying extra for basic necessity

This is a functional part of any decent framing nail gun. The magazine really should come with the "bare tool" its like buying a wrench without a handle.. having a single rack of nails in your nail gun defeats the purpose of using a nail gun---speed and duration of nailing. This item should not be sold separately--it should be included with the nail gun.

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