Milwaukee 48-11-1820 M18 REDLITHIUM 2.0 Compact Battery Pack

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• 2.0 Amp hour - 36 Watt hour battery
• LITHIUM-ION battery delivers long life and run time with fade-free power
• Battery fuel gauge - Displays remaining run-time
• Milwaukee REDLINK™ Intelligence
• Overload Protection - Prevents user from damaging their cordless power tool investment in abusive situations
• Temperature Management System - Keeps battery in ideal temperature range to provide maximum life
• Individual Cell Monitoring - Ensures optimal charge and discharge for maximum life
• Discharge Protection - Prevents cell damage from over-discharge
• Best in class construction
• Integrated weld frame
• Cell separator
• Impact and vibration protective rubber

• Voltage: 18V
• Battery Type: Lithium Ion
• Warranty: 2 Years
• Weight: .95 lbs.


Customer Reviews

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Easy process and prompt responses

Update it's very easy to have you're product sent back. On top of it, they are extremely quick to respond. That's one of many reasons they're #1 in the tool game!!

Possible Maslfunction

Battery was great! After storing it for 3-4 months the battery died completely. Now I get the "THE FLASH OF DEATH". It was stored properly, charged up and undamaged... So what went wrong? Can't find troubleshooting on the website. Now we have to determine if it's eligible and maybe it gets taken care of. It has a 2 year warranty and I'm 14 months in. Hoping for the best but now I'm short a battery.

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