Milwaukee 48-11-2830 M28 Li-Ion Battery

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Milwaukee 48-11-2830 Specifications:
•  Voltage: 28V
•  Capacity: 3.0 Amp Hours
•  Type: Lithium-Ion
•  Compatibility: Milwaukee M28 power tools

Milwaukee 48-11-2830 Includes:
•  (1) M28 Battery

Milwaukee 48-11-2830 Features:
•  Easy to Operate Latches
•  Heavy Duty Construction withstands up to 10' drop
•  Battery Fuel Gauge LED's lightup showing how much charge is left - no more guessing which battery is fully charged before going on the roof
•  Performance Optimizing Circuit improves run time and prolongs battery life
•  Rubberized Footprint provides impact protection and prevents sliding on slick surfaces
•  2-Year Milwaukee Warranty - longer pack life provides up to 2-1/2 times the lifetime output versus an 18V NiCd pack
•  Consistent "Fade Free" Power - the last cut feels as powerful as the first!
•  Lightweight with up to 2x run time, yet lighter than an 18V battery

Customer Reviews

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George Fredericks

Milwaukee 48-11-2830 M28 Li-Ion Battery

The good and the bad

These tools are amazing and the batteries last a long time . The tools are pro grade and very rugged, The batteries provide enormous power and capacity. (the good). The bad falls with the batteries in that #1 If the battery get's even the slightest bit if water on them, they just flat out fail! I had 2 nearly new batteries get some water splashed on them and instant failure. #2 The batteries are expensive $160.00-$180.00. 4 batteries & you could buy an entire 18 volt 4 piece set.. Of my original 6 batteries, 3 have died prematurely due to a splash of water (and I mean a splash) The remaining 3 have a very short run time even though the show a full charge. Unfortunately, My tools remain in fantastic working order even though they have been heavily and professionally used . I either pony up the cash for new batteries or I retire the tools as "working" paper weights...(the bad)

Battery life

What’s the recommendation for battery life in years? When should they be replace? We have these on our extrication equipment and never can get a straight forward answer

Will never buy Milwaukee again

1V28 pack thats dead 2nd will only take a partial charge then 2 completely useless m18 packs and drill. I don't buy tools based on color but quality just killed my 20 year old 18 volt dewalt sure I've bought batteries for that but at a fraction of the cost of any of the milwaukee 28 or 18 volt packs so disappointed with big reds quality and support.

I would not buy this product again

With a charged battery my Milwaukee Saws-all works great. However, the battery life (Number of charges and calendar time) is very short. In addition, the self discharge rate is very high so you can't depend on a previously charged battery stored in your tool kit to be ready for service. To add insult, the cost of a replacement battery is unreasonably high.

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