Milwaukee 48-20-7498 SDS-Plus 4CT MX4 5 Piece Kit

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• (1) 3/16" x 6" Rotary Hammer Drill Bit
• (1) 1/4" x 6" Rotary Hammer Drill Bits
• (1) 5/16" x 6" Rotary Hammer Drill Bit
• (1) 3/8" x 6" Rotary Hammer Drill Bit
• (1) 1/2" x 6" Rotary Hammer Drill Bit

• Enhanced Rebar Guards provide increased durability
• Breaker Points lead to faster drilling speeds
• Variable Flute for Up to 20% more Holes per Charge in Cordless Rotary Hammers
• Centering Tip for exact spot drilling
• Wear Mark Indicators to show end of life and when bit no longer meets the ANSI requirement
• Reinforced Flutes for minimized vibration and maximum durability

• Style: SDS Plus 
• Height: 1"
• Width 1" 

Milwaukee® M/2™ 2-Cutter SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Drill bits are the Most Durable 2-Cutter bits with up to 20% more holes per charge in cordless rotary hammers. The enhanced rebar guards provide increased durability in hard aggregate and rebar. Breaker Point pu

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